These are my latest auctions posted on eBay. Lots of Warhammer stuff. A wide range of items including a rare RPG supplement from RPG Day 2018. Thanks for your interest!

Auction link...

- Verminlord (Skaven, Nurgle, Chaos)
- Drycha Hamadreth (Sylvaneth)
- Drakespawn aka Cold Ones, (12, no riders) (Dark Elf) Cold Ones are useful for conversions like Aeldar (Eldar) Exodites, counts-as bikers for Imperial Guard, Orks or Chaos, etc. as well as for Dark Elves.
- Citadel 'ard Case (hard case)
- Citadel Hobby Saw
- Skinks (character, blowpipes and javelin units)
- Cthulu RPG Day exclusive
- Lego