Here are my newest auctions posted on eBay. Lots of Warhammer stuff. A wide range of items including a rare RPG supplement from RPG Day 2018. Thanks for your interest!

Auction link...

- Space Marine Primaris Captain Warhammer 40,000 Store Anniversary Model (limited)
- Space Marine Centurions Adeptus Astartes Devastators
- Wall of Martyrs Bunker
- Primaris Space Marine Reivers
- Imperial Bastion
- Imperial Aegis Defense (Defence) Line
- Creeping Vines
- Barbed Bracken
- Morghast Archai Harbingers
- Fyreslayers Magmadroth
- Sylvaneth Tree-Revenants
- Seraphon Skinks
- Warhammer Underworlds Card Protectors (Garrek's Reavers, Steelheart's Champions)
- McFarlane Toys Scar Predator Alien vs. Predator

-- More!