Here are my newest auctions I just put up on eBay. A wide range of items, mostly Warhammer related. Many OOP collectibles. Thanks for checking it out!

Auction link...

-- Juan Diaz OOP metal Warhammer Chaos Daemons of Slaanesh, 5 Seekers Daemonettes
-- Aekold Hellbrass Champion of Tzeentch, Chaos, Metal, OOP
-- Dark Eldar Drukhari Prisoners Warhammer 40,000 Metal OOP
-- Various OOP Warhammer bits including: Ork Dreadnought arms, Khorne banners/icons, Tzeentch staff tops/icons,
-- Lelith Hesperax (metal, original sculpt, OOP)
-- Warhammer Plastic Bases, round and oval
-- Tomb Kings Army Banner Top (metal, OOP)
-- Warhammer Scenery Gravestone Obelisk (metal, OOP)
-- Skyrim Special Edition, Xbox version
-- Minalima Harry Potter Postcards (NEW)
-- Galaga mini arcade game
-- Space Invaders mini arcade game
-- Harry Potter Tote Bag Undesirable No. 1 (NEW)
-- Mario Pez Set OOP