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    Default Space Marine Painting Challenge

    Aloha everybody!

    I just completed a simple video series wherein I challenged myself to paint the best quality miniature I could using only the tools provided in the GW Space Marine Paint Kit. I admit that it's not the most impressive miniature on the planet, but when working with only 7 colors and a (VERY) bad brush, I think it turned out at a decent tabletop quality. Check it out if you have time. Thanks!

    And for those that don't have time to watch the videos, here are some still pics of the final product.
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    Well, after restricting myself to only the paints and brush in the Space Marine Paint Kit, I was left with 2 extra miniatures.

    So, this time, I loosened the same challenge up a bit by allowing myself nice fresh pots of paint (not the dried out crusty paints in the paint kit) and some good brushes. Check out the difference in the miniatures in the video below.

    And, again, if you'd prefer to just see some pictures and NOT watch the video, check out the pictures in the tweet below.

    Thanks for checking out the post. I appreciate it.
    Check our "How to Paint" tutorials on Youtube:



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