This model was very fun to work on. Not only the conversion part, but also painting.
I always wanted an Avatar for my Youtube Channel, and I think this is it. So the Juggernaut, left arm holding the hilt of the sword, and the body of the raider are fine cast part of the chaos lord on juggernaut from AoS. The arm holding the chains is from chaos marauders. Its a hand that is holding an axe, so I did some cutting there. The blade of the sword is also from AoS, but not sure from where. Chains are from crafting store. Wolf skulls are space wolves bits, while the skulls on the from part of the armor are from this juggernaut model. I knew what head I wanted the moment I got this model, so I was searching for it for months! When I finally found some one that had it, I had to travel to Finland in order to get it.
So all in all, I am very happy with the result, and I hope you will like it to!
And here is Chaos Lord Darmamu!