Here are my latest auctions on eBay. A wide range of items, mostly Warhammer. Many OOP collectibles, hard to find bits. Thanks for checking it out!

Auction link...
1) Chaos Obliterators (3 models, original pewter alloy version, assembled and painted)
2) GW metal bits, great for converting including:
- Slaanesh Noise Marine Champion Power Claw
- Dreadnought weapons like claws, pincers and buzz saws
- Chaos Stars (from the Hellcannon)
- Daemon Sword Drach'nyen Abaddon
- Daemon Prince Axe, Swords
- Archaon sword and helmet sprue
- Eldar Avatar sword
- Helstorm Rocket Battery
- Techamarine Servo Arm Backpack (will be listed for auction about 6 PM, US EDT on Monday Feb 18)
- Various other bits
3) Primaris Space Marine Captain Store Birthday model (new, sealed)
4) Various Lego kits, Harry Potter merchandise and more!