Here are my latest auctions on eBay. A wide range of items, mostly Warhammer. Many OOP collectibles, hard to find bits. Thanks for taking a look!

Auction link...

- Cities Of Death (Imperial City Sector) Warhammer 40,000 Building Sprues OOP
- Chaos Space Marine Havocs sets including: Full 5-man Havoc Squad with Lascannons, Pair of Autocannons, Pair of Heavy Bolters, Pair of Lascannons
- Pegasus Hobbies 5030 Evil (suitable for Orcs, Orks, Chaos, etc.) Idol Resin OOP 1990s Scenery Piece
- Various OOP Metal GW Bitz
- Chaos Marauder Champion Limited Edition 2002 OOP
- Various Lego kits, Harry Potter merchandise and more!
- Harry Potter Minalima Card Sets OOP