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    Default Sanctum Imperialis, Skulltaker, Chaos Marines stuff, OOP Chaos Warriors NEW w/Halberd

    Just posted my latest auctions on eBay. A wide range of items, mostly Warhammer. Many OOP collectibles, hard to find bits. Thanks for taking a look!

    Auction link...

    - Chaos Terminators new in sealed box
    - Skulltaker (pewter, nicely painted)
    - Sanctum Imperialis out of production Cities of Death building sprues
    - Chaos Space Marines (10) New On Sprue Warhammer 40,000
    - Chaos Helbrute conversion
    - Chaos Warriors OOP with PLASTIC HALBERDS and Hand Weapons (from circa 2002), the halberds will work on the current Chaos Warriors as you can see by the Nurgle Warriors unit in my gallery here on Dakkadakka. Tons of huge hand weapons and great looking torsos, good for kit-bashing with Chaos Space Marines
    - Chaos Marauder Champion Limited Edition 2002 (OOP Promotional model)
    - Various Warhammer bits (pewter alloy, OOP)
    - Various LEGO sets, Harry Potter collectables
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    See my latest eBay auctions at



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