I have just added some more auctions on eBay. As usual, there's a wide range of items, mostly Warhammer. Many OOP collectibles, hard to find bits. Lots of the stuff I posted here last time is gone, if I had more I've relisted it Thanks to everyone for your bids, purchases and for taking a look!
As usual, I do international sales too!

Auction link...

- Space Marines (10) Tactical Squad. New on sprue.
- Chaos Warriors Regiment (12 models), New and sealed in box.
- Chaos Terminators. New and sealed in box
- Various OOP Warhammer bits.
- Chaos Space Marine Codex
- Various other Codex books from previous editions in pristine condition
- Chaos Marauder Champion Limited Edition 2002 OOP
- Various LEGO sets
- More!