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    Default Space Marines, Chaos Warriors Plastic w/Halberds, Bits, Scenery, Chaos stuff, more!

    I have just added several more auctions on eBay. As usual, there's a wide range of items, mostly Warhammer. Many OOP collectibles, hard to find bits. Lots of the stuff I posted here last time is gone, if I had more I've relisted it Thanks to everyone for your bids, purchases and for taking a look!
    As usual, I do international sales too! Please check back often, I put new stuff up all the time.

    Auction link...

    - Current 8th Edition Codex Chaos Daemons (pristine)
    - Chaos Mutation Sprue NEW sprue, OOP, great for converting all that new Chaos stuff GW just released!
    - Space Marines, on sprue (10)
    - Chaos Warriors Halberds and Hand Weapons, OOP Warhammer Fantasy (great for kit-bashing with Chaos Space Marines)
    - Chaos Warriors (current version of models)
    - Chaos Helbrute Conversion
    - Khorne Daemon Prince/Skarbrand/Bloodthirster conversion
    - Limited Edition Chaos Marauder Champion (OOP)
    - Fortress of Redemption Tower only
    - Various Warhammer weapons and other bits.
    - LEGO kits and more!
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    See my latest eBay auctions at



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