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Thread: Deathwatch

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    Buffo: why not use the rules for SoB out of the Inquisition handbook or better still the Blood of the Martyres, whis is what im doing.

    Comparing the SoB from both books, i would rather from Blood of the Martyrs, its set in a flowing order with options for Celestiens, Repentia, Seraphin, Fabulous and Dialogus packages. Think they will enjoy those rules more than modified SM rules.
    Besides the list of Faith options is over 20 now, instead of about 5.
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    We jsut started a new campaign, which is alot of fun.

    But after reading Helsreach i couldnt resist playing a Black templars Tactical Marine.

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    Just started playing last week. Picked up the Core rulebook, Gm kit and the Founding Chapters book. I'm playing a Raven Guard assualt marine. The rest of the group is: Flesh Tearer Apoc, Space Wolf tact, White Scar Libby. Trying to get one more person in for a Dev marine. I made and painted all the models, since my friends can't paint at all... So far its an enjoyable game and an easy jump from playing Rifts.


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    We played the introductory adventure with

    A Black Tenmplar Techmarine
    A Blood Angels Assault Marine
    And a Space Wolves Devastor (my character)

    It was mild fun, but I prefer Dark Heresy or by now Black Crusade

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    I'd like to try it out sometime. Would love to play as an Angry Marine.

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    been reading alot of black library recently, wishing i had time to play

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    I have GM'ed about 15 games of Deathwatch> they are hardcore Brutal! My wife plays a Space Wolf Long Fang with Heavy Bolter and she kills anything she points it at. We have a mix of chapters in our group and they rock.
    Their best fight was against a Daemon Prince with his Terminator bodyguards. I killed three Deathwatch Marines that game! Fun Times!
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    I started playing DH about 3 months ago and have just finished a weekend of Deathwatch and BC. I must say DW is just an all out slaughter, DH is mainly investigating and a little action, BC is more action but alot of this and that but DW is what we were after in my group

    This really opens one's eyes up to the possibilities of what marines can do especially when armed with a heavy bolter. Even the standard gear seems OP compared to DH and RT

    We played Black Shields so there were no chapters but when you get an assault marine that roleplays like a madman, 2 dev's with heavy bolters and a librarian that just seems to get the luck of the emperor with every rolls it becomes a blood bath. These guys had high level NPC's and creature thrown at them and just didn't budge

    If you want some real fun with this try out a Jungle Deathworld where you have to basically shoot everything to survive, plants bigger than men, mosquito's that are so big their stingers are the size of a human arm and tigers that are as big as elephants it become the funniest and most insane game you will ever play


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