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    Default [KS] Alkemy - Rados Cults

    Anoki, Toad Medicine Shaman of Aurlok Nation

    I made a strange discovery today… I went to the Atowa career where I usually gather alchemist components and this time I found an unusual pile of stones. Their energy was identical to the fire stones the naashtis are using but… Extinguished? Smaller, rounder, it seems like they have been polished. I don't think I could used them. However, this is not in the habit of the naashtis alchemists to store their stones on the surface. Who may have gather and store all those components here ?

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    Razikh Ibn Khalid, Cheikh from Mapo Istapo region

    Really surprising... During my last tour along the Asfar desert, they show me a shield I can't recognize and neither relate it to any nation. The material in unsual, especially its weight for such a large piece. Truly, this shield is confusing... I'm gonna bring it to the next gathering of the cheikhs, to require their wisdom.

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    Song-Peï Taoli, Captain of the Tiger Guard of Dong Yi

    Despite the triadic militia watchtowers, it seems that an ennemy manage to break through the wall, without making any noise. The only clue we have is this weapon i don’t recognise. This is not an avalonian blade and even less a triadic one. We never saw any Aurlok or khaliman using this kind of weapon, moreover this does look like their usual art. Whose blade might it be ? Are there a new blacksmith in the region? Is it the result of a new alchemical experience ? The only question that matters is : friend or foe?

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    Vel’sor, Swordman-Naa of The Eth citadel

    As I was patrolling once more our tunnels, a strange metal piece attracted my attention.
    What's that strange object ? Who left it here in the corridors of our citadel ? There is fire inside of it but... it seems broken on the top. There was an intrusion in our territory, who could take so much risks to explore our undergrounds ?

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    Manoa, Guardian of Chora on the Sea Prince

    We find one of our ship washed ashore on a beach. They were signs of confrontation, but we didn’t found no body. Utopian gears were still here : weaons, armors, clothes but we also found strange objects that are not from our home, Utopia ! It looks like protections, probably for shoulders, legs, arms and hips… Theye have definitely been crafted by humans hands but it seems to come from an animal. Hard-wearing but flexible, i don’t think we could set it on fire.

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    After several weeks of careful observation I think I figured out some element. What I first thought was simple dismorphic differences between individuals seems to be a way to distinguish males and females. Men are shorter, stout and thick while women are slenderer but as much brawly as them… Even if I only eared orders coming from the women, troops seems to be male and female wearing both hoods and carrying maces and huge shields… Only one thing is clear, this nation is preparing for a conflict. Do they fear us or should we fear them ?

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    Concept by Benoît Boeuf, colorized by Sébastien Lamirand

    Those foreigners never ceases to amaze me. While they laid down their weapons to build a palisade to entrench themselves, a conflict broke out. Things got heated and despite the attempts of the others to find a pacific solution, no compromise has been found. The builders took back their weapons and shields as the others stood around them in a circle. *They *fought until one of the warriors lie down on the ground, with no hope of rising ever again. The calm of the others watching this fight to death and how they just went back to work as soon as the body was moved away shivers down my spine...

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    Concept by Benoît Boeuf / colorization by Sébastien Lamirand

    The plan was perfect. We had identify the less combative of them, but that still were an objectif due to all the minor tasks they did and the sacred fire they were carrying. When they walk away from their camp to gather some materials, we dropped down on them. How surprised we were when we saw their flames twirling at the end of their chaines and hitting our brothers... Some of us were set ablaze and we fled with a smell of fried pig and a deep sense of shame...

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    Concept by Benoît Boeuf, colorization by Sébastien Lamirand

    I can not say if I was amazed or terrorized by them. Their dances echoed ours, and yet they had nothing of the kind ... no request for rain or any other favor from nature. Only death seemed to be called as these warriors swirled and spread the blood of my brothers who mingled with their own blood. As emboldened by this thick red liquid, they seemed to feed on our fatigue and pain. Even now, as my life flows through the many gashes they have affixed to my body, I can not help but look for what can connect them to us.

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    Concept by Benoît Boeuf, Colorization by Sébastien Lamirand

    So far, I never had a chance to take a closer look at a religious sister. I cannot acces the temples and I understod long for a moment now that it is where they spent most of their time... I almost gave up the idea of learning more about their religion when I saw this priestess walking into the street and meet the inhabitants of the city. Sometimes kindly guiding young people, sometimes curtly lectured the villagers, she seemed confortable with all segments of the society. At the end of the day however, I had to go back to the Golden cage they assigned me.


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