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    Default [KS] Alkemy - Rados Cults

    Anoki, Toad Medicine Shaman of Aurlok Nation

    I made a strange discovery today… I went to the Atowa career where I usually gather alchemist components and this time I found an unusual pile of stones. Their energy was identical to the fire stones the naashtis are using but… Extinguished? Smaller, rounder, it seems like they have been polished. I don't think I could used them. However, this is not in the habit of the naashtis alchemists to store their stones on the surface. Who may have gather and store all those components here ?

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    Razikh Ibn Khalid, Cheikh from Mapo Istapo region

    Really surprising... During my last tour along the Asfar desert, they show me a shield I can't recognize and neither relate it to any nation. The material in unsual, especially its weight for such a large piece. Truly, this shield is confusing... I'm gonna bring it to the next gathering of the cheikhs, to require their wisdom.

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    Song-Peď Taoli, Captain of the Tiger Guard of Dong Yi

    Despite the triadic militia watchtowers, it seems that an ennemy manage to break through the wall, without making any noise. The only clue we have is this weapon i don’t recognise. This is not an avalonian blade and even less a triadic one. We never saw any Aurlok or khaliman using this kind of weapon, moreover this does look like their usual art. Whose blade might it be ? Are there a new blacksmith in the region? Is it the result of a new alchemical experience ? The only question that matters is : friend or foe?



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