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    Post Orks in Space Hulk?!

    UPDATED 3/29/17 Due to broken link

    Fellow Space Hulk fans, invention is the mother of necessity so they say, and that has led me to find a way to integrate my Orks into the Hulk.

    After doing some initial searching on the web, I found some sites that had a few decent ideas about how to incorporate Orks into Space Hulk, and I let my Space Hulk game experience take it from there.

    The result is an awesome set of House-rules for playing Orks in a way that lets you use them with the points based system applied to Terminators and other races for Space Hulk!

    You will need a set of Space Crusade blips for the Orks (print them from pics at back of doc, affix onto medium weight board)

    Rules for Orks in Space Hulk:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Please offer your feedback & comments after you have tried out a game using Orks in Space Hulk!

    Many thanks!

    Here is my own Ork Horde, all hand painted. I used enamels for the Warboss & Nobz, and Acrylics for the Boyz & Gretchins.

    This post has been edited to update a link to the rules which had been altered to correct some typos and minor rule fixes reflecting further playtesting.
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    Default Ork Jams and other stuff

    The above document has been updated with a couple clarifications for Ork rules:

    Big Shootas DO jam on doubles while on Overwatch, same as for Terminators.

    Twin-Linked Big Shootas also jam on doubles, with NO re-roll as per a normal, non-doubles miss.

    Mega-Armored Nobz Powersurge charge chart typo correction.

    Also, an explanation of using Gretchins:

    Gretchins are very very physically weak, and thus are roll-to-kill as a Hybrid -1. This means that they die on a 3 using a storm bolter.

    Gretchins are prone to utter cowardice, unless within the Fearless ability range of either type of Nobz (2 squares), or the Warboss (5 squares). They must roll on the Gretchin chart if they are starting their turn outside of that range, and within 6 squares (same a 'Stealer lurking rule) of an enemy they wish to attack.

    For example, say a Gretchin standing behind a corner wishes to take his single shot as a move & shoot to attempt to take out a Terminator standing 4 squares down the corrider. If the Gretchin is not endowed with Fearless from one of the Big 'uns, he must roll on the chart before being allowed to step around the corner and shoot. If it rolls a '1', then he must use his remaining AP to get as far away as possible from the target enemy he was attempting to shoot at (or close assault if there was such a case).
    A Gretchin gets free 90 degree turns, but turning 180 degrees costs 1AP same as a 'Stealer. The Gretchin may stop & roll again if he comes within Fearless range of Nobz or Warboss (at 0 AP). If he rolls a '1' again, he will continue to flee away from the original target enemy. Each step within range of Nobz or Warboss Fearless ability will grant another morale roll (0 AP). This will continue until the gretchin recovers, or all its AP are used. If the gretchin cannot flee as far as it has AP (such as back down a corridor where other Ork models are standing in the way), it will forfeit its remaining AP. The Ork player chooses the facing of its final square.

    If the Gretchin rolls a 2-3, he must then spend 1 AP to continue to roll on the chart while it stands there contemplating its next move.

    On a 4-6, the gretchin passes, and either recovers from fleeing, or if it was its first roll it may continue with the attack and take a shot.

    Now, in spite of all this, GRETCHINS ARE REALLY QUITE DANGEROUS!!.

    For one, they are vast in number, and very very cheap on the points list (1 point gets you 4 gretchins).

    Also, in my own games they quite regularly pass the moral check and have taken down a fair number of terminators and other models.

    They are also entitled to 2 types of shooting action, either the slug or shrapnel shot.
    Gretchins may take a single offensive, shot, AND may go on Overwatch for a single defensive shot.
    Slugs are exactly like a standard bolter shot, with a range of 12.
    Shrapnel represents any sharp metallic bits that the gretchin has scrounged as ammunition for its weapon, and it may affect a wide area (up to 3 squares) in front of it. A gretchin taking a shrapnel shot rolls for every target within its Fire Arc up to 3 squares away. However, it may not shoot past blocking models or obstacles. Thus, if the gretchin shoots into a crowded room, it will hit all the targets closest to it within 3 squares of its Fire Arc, while targets in the rear are immune (does not work like assault cannon that continues to blow away all models until one survives).

    This could potentially kill multiple targets in one shot!

    I hope this helps with playing Orks, and feel free to post if there are any further questions.

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    Default Orks very powerful

    I've played orks against every other race in Space Hulk, and they always show the potential for victory, and often win outright.

    One of the strongest characteristics playing Orks is the 'Cheer the Waaagh!' ability used by Ork Boyz.

    1 point gets you 3 Ork Boyz on a single blip, of either Slugga or Shoota variety. Not only are they cheap, they are fairly strong, being either equal to a Power Armor marine in close combat, or better. They also are equipped with grenades, and may gain Sustained Fire bonuses. The strongest asset is of course 'Cheer the Waaagh!' by which each Ork Boy may use 2 AP to grant a yet-inactive model 1AP extra action, as they root and prod other orks into a powerful frenzy.

    As any Ork receiving the attention may be granted up to 4 AP extra for its action, it may be able to perform extraordinary feats layin' down moor dakka in the Space Hulk. Extra cool way to get the rest of the orks up into action, as the bonus may be applied to blips as well. One caveat is that no model or blip may be 'cheered' 2 turns in a row, due to the limiting factor of Ork attention spans, and their tendency to shift allegiances on short notice.

    Nobz take their rightful place using stronger weapons and being harder to kill. Using the right weapon-set they may be better than a Terminator in close combat, or they may be just as powerful in ranged combat.
    Most important is the fearless bonus which is applied to lesser orks, and gretchins in particular.

    Mega-nobz are armed to the teeth literally, and are 'hard to kill'. This bonus has been applied to close combat results, or not depending on players preference (decide before game).

    Warboss of course is awesome in his command might and martial prowess, possessing awesome weapons and the ability to summon the 'ammo runt' thereby providing himself with potentially limitless flamer ammunition. Keeping that runt alive is another matter.

    I'd like to further fine tune this rule-set based upon my continued use, as well as your own, fellow 'Hulkers. Looking forward to your own experience-based input.

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    I liked this alot, will try it ..GW droped the ball with the limited was the 1st GW game i seen way back when & got me hooked on 40k games you have a nid list ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by facelessone View Post
    I liked this alot, will try it ..GW droped the ball with the limited was the 1st GW game i seen way back when & got me hooked on 40k games you have a nid list ??
    Sure do. Feel free to expand or modify it to your own games.

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    Post Orks in Space Hulk (update March 2012)

    Hey gamers,

    Hope that 2012 is treating you well, and that you've been able to get some good games in.

    I've been playing a bit of Advanced Space Crusade lately (fantastic game) and I had some time and energy for adapting the ASC Wierdboyz rules into a proper variation for my Space Hulk Ork Waaagh! rule-set, in addition to some other changes that seemed necessary.

    Further playtesting this Ork rule-set has led to further revisions and updates for things that were deemed unbalanced or unclear, the latest of which is included here

    Revisions and Clarifications include:

    mega armor surge

    revised timer rules

    fearless ability clarified

    hard- to- kill revised

    better layout

    wierdboyz introduced

    ammo runt clarified

    new template provided

    If you guys like the changes I'm happy to get feedback on them, or anything else that's constructive (hopefully) or would enhance our collective gaming experience.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share!


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    Please see item has been re-uploaded due to broken link.
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