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    Cool Moruya Marauders Tabletop Wargaming Club.

    G'day to any Aussies on the Lounge!
    Our Club plays on the second Friday & 4th Wednesday of each Month.
    Venue is the Presbyterian Church Hall cnr Evans & Murray Sts Moruya commencing at 7pm.
    $3 per night & visitors always welcome. All GW games plus Flames of War.
    Phone Barry on (02)44744313 or Glen on 44744671
    Regards Barry H. "the Emperor Protects!"

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    Talking Games Night Report Moruya Marauders

    Hi, Last Wednesdays Games Night for the Moruya Marauders went off, we had 4 games of 40k, 3 of Fantasy and 1 Ancient Battles going on at the same time. With a lot of cheers over dice rolls, My self included by rolling 4 x 1's out of 5 dice for save throws with my Bretonnian Army, lost big time but had fun killing as many Tome Kings as I could. We all had a great night with a lot of laughter all round.

    Thanks Glennos



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