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    Default GW Exclusive: Larissa Shadowstalker, Sgt Jovan, Primaris Capt (OOP), BL Coasters,more

    These are my current Ebay auctions. OOP and rare collectables including the newest Warhammer "store anniversary" models and the out of production store anniversary Primaris Captain. As usual, I do international sales too! Please check back often, I put new stuff up all the time.

    Auction link...

    - Larissa Shadowstalker Knight-Questor Stormcast Eternal (new, Limited Edition Store Anniversary Exclusive)
    - Primaris Space Marine Sergeant Jovan (new, Limited Edition Store Anniversary Exclusive)
    - Primaris Space Marine Captain Store Birthday Anniversary (Limited Edition Store Anniversary Exclusive (power fist, plasma pistol), OOP)
    - Warhammer Day Exclusive Metal Coin Objective Markers (rare, limited, OOP)
    - Black Library Coasters 2019 Solar War (Limited, out of production, 4 iconic 40K badges)
    - Vortex Grenade Template Apocalypse 3", OOP, LE, Rare, NEW
    - Dark Eldar Drukhari Webway Portal Template 3", OOP, LE, Rare, NEW
    - Chaos Space Marine Upgrade sprue, OOP 2007, icons, special weapons, cult heads and pauldrons and more!

    Additional Warhammer Day limited merch has just been added to the auctions!
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    See my latest eBay auctions at



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