G’day once again from the Slave Dungeon,
Well this month we see the final part of the 18mm Dark World War Corrupted releases, this is the Armoured support for the Corruption, The Corrupted Worm.

The Corruption of the Hellgate affects everything differently, the humble worm being no different. The agents of Hell have torn away parts of this peaceful creature, only to replace them with parts of man. These now deadly creatures can be arrayed with a wide variety of different weapons.

This figure is a mostly resin figure (with only the weapon attachments being metal), it has been sculpted by myself and is almost 100mm long and roughly 25mm tall.
There are currently 5 different options available for the Corrupted Worm, these being:
• Flamer
• Tri-Barrel Cannon
• Long barreled 6” cannon
• Mega Machine Gun
• Mortar
All the Corrupted Worms retail for AU$15.

If you have any questions, contact us at [url]www.slave2gaming.com[/url]