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    Default Is the forum over with?

    It had been a while since I've posted, so I came back to see what people were talking about here. I thought about responding to a topic or two, but they always looked like Thread necromancy.

    It looks like most of the sub-forums haven't had any new posts from this year. I might expect that from some of the specialist forums and the like, but even the major game forums have very little activity.

    Has this forum finished its time here on earth and is just waiting for the sweet embrace of oblivion? Or are there still people here about?

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    I may be thick but I can't navigate here from BOLS front page.
    I have to type bols lounge on my keyboard!! f#(king cheek! Maybe it is over on this forum.
    We can see that the game (40K) has changed and is now far away from how it was prior to 8th.
    Currently the game is something with more than situational tactics. A reliance on stratagems rather than tactical gems has meant the sort of tactical discussion I used to enjoy is largely redundant. It may also be that it is so draining trying to juggle all the books and updates (I'm an older gamer so I have several armies.) to be bothered or indeed to comment with any confidence. Maybe we just watch Heilung Lifa on youtube while painting models and is good.
    Good luck to you Odinsgrandson.

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