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Thread: Asdrubael Vect

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    Default Asdrubael Vect

    Right so I gave this guy a test drive in an apocalypse game yesterday, borrowing a nice friends Dark Eldar.
    Main reason for using him is to get the feel for him for my alpha strike list.
    Anyway i have a quick review of him.

    When I first picked up the book, I scoffed at his points, 240 for a char with no immunity to instant death. Sorry but at t3 I believed him too vulnerable.

    However, in battle he is a beast.
    He hits most things on 3's. With rerolls due to preferred enemy. He has a orb that regains wounds.
    But best of all, he has a always wound on a roll of a 3 power weapon.
    This thing is a beaut.
    Being able to charge into combat with 7 attacks, and then take 4 marines out, then factor in his body guards attacks, You are going to hit like a truck.

    I absolutely love him, and might have to make a fun list for him, giving him a bodyguard of 9 incubi.

    So anyway, despite a very brief review, this is vect in a nutshell.
    The well deserved leader of the dark eldar. Able to make a dent in any special char/ monstrous creature/ unit. Now if only this guy had a soul cube.
    For the Greater good.

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    He is very, very, very deadly.

    He can kill most anything in close combat.

    He isn't perfect, but he is a hidden gem in the book.
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    Considering that he has a 2+ invulnerable save, four wounds and a weapon that allows him to regain wounds, I wouldn't complain about him not getting eternal warrior.
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    Yeah he is 4+/2++ but that 2++ goes away on a 1. IF you can hit him enough, and I do want to stress IF, then lots of high strength dice is the way to kill him. Although to be perfectly honest, lots of high strength dice is the way to kill just about anything.

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    Yeah, despite his points cost I see myself working him into a lot of lists, cost be damned. I try to avoid overusing special characters, but I'm not too happy with the combinations I've made or even other ones I've seen posted of ways to kit out generic Archons.

    Incubi are pretty bada$$ as bodyguards and very killy, nice armor, but I think warlocks have the survivability edge (fortune/4++). Still haven't mathhammered out Craftworld HQ/warlocks versus DE Archons/Incubi, and though I feel the DE have an edge on killpower, they rely heavily on the first strike (as does the whole army). A bad round of rolling leaves them likely to be knocked out in return, whereas craftworld have the survivability edge. Pain tokens can have a big effect on this, but I only think of them as a bonus, not something to be counted on.

    Only time will tell, but I really worry that when the craftworld codex comes out the pansy elves will come out on top of the scary elves.

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    I have always loved Vect, even before his race was hot on the streets and he was basically a godly ravager that could assault. The only thing stopping me from using him now is I do not yet feel worthy to field what is the equivalent of a space marine army fielding the emperor. Once I can get all of the units in the new book figured out and perfect a brutally crushing defeat upon all foes, Vect may choose to bless one of my raids with his presence.

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    Yeah I used Vect in a fun list and he was a beast, and his dias of destruction pissed my opponent off, because he couldn't drop it for the life of him. all he could do was blow off a dark lance.

    he is a beast, and when I play bigger games he will definently be leading my army in some games.
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    I'm disappointed that the Dais of Destruction is so grossly overpriced now, but Vect as an individual unit is pretty spiffy and I look forward to using him. (He had it the whole time!)

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    I would use the dias, since its basically a dark eldar land raider. IF it had aerial assault, since it doesnt, no point since as a transport its 3 dark lances are useless.
    For the Greater good.

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    Even if it had Aerial Assault I probably wouldn't take it, it's just so damn expensive. But definitely as is, AV13 and 2 extra dark lances is nowhere near worth the extra 140pts over a raider, especially when you consider the extra requirement that it has to be deployed fully; no taking a 5 man incubi squad to go with Vect.


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