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    Anyone know what's going on with these guys I love listening to them. I've been listening to repeats for a while now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TUSK View Post
    Anyone know what's going on with these guys I love listening to them. I've been listening to repeats for a while now.
    High School Drama.

    Frakkin Kids...
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    Wow that sucks. If your reading this get over itcand start doing podcasts again. I gave up on 40K radio they dribble so much crap. They sound like they are having a good time but I think they only get about 30 minutes max of 40 talk out of a couple of hours.i can't stand them any more. Any one know of any more good podcasts about 40K?

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    The podcasting scene has been a little touchy over the last year or so, I guess that's what happens when they're around for too long.
    Anyways, 40k Warcasting was good, they seemed to get off topic a little much, but they were starting to get back into the loop. 40k Radio is getting better too, Romeo, Rick, and Kyle are getting more accustomed to the Podcasting scene.
    As a commissioned painter, its always good to have some wargaming info in the background to power through the projects. Personally, I listen to:
    World's End Radio: Good stuff out of Perth, Australia. Luke and JJ cover all GW games, and have nearly dragged me into both Necromunda and BFG consistantly.
    The Independent Characters: Young, new on the scene Podcast with a lot to offer. Carl and Geoff really cover a lot of good 40k info, including Imperial Armour books! Just downloading their newest cast right now, which is about Planetstrike.
    The Gamers Lounge: Fairly good podcast encompassing the majority of the hobby. Not as much 40k talk as when they started, but if Malifaux is big in your area or your interested, Bill and Jay are your hosts!
    40k Radio: Obviously not the same as the Spencer-Scott-Chipley days, but still fairly good. Yes they do get off topic, but its kinda like listening to your goofy friends at the LGS. Take it for what its worth; a goofy group of guys talking about 40k.

    Hope this helped!

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    They're still podcasting. They just had some downtime, but there's two new episodes up on their new site.



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