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    Default Ready Reckoning your games...

    This is a little system I devised for playing quick and dirty games of =I=.
    Each player generates six characters, one of whom is the Inquisitor, plus 1 Special Member, who could be a Space Marine or demon or alien or something. The initial six characters must all be different classes. The Special member may be worth up to 200 reckoner points.
    The 6 members have the following restrictions:
    1 force field
    1 bolt weapon
    1 special ranged weapon
    2 gunsights or combat drugs
    1 power weapon/ daemon weapon
    1 power armour
    1 carapace armour
    1 psychic power
    3 special abilities divided any way
    1 follower type (mastiff, etc.)

    When you play a game you simply declare how many members you want to play with, and if you want to use your special member, then roll that many d6 and use the corresponding members...
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    I suppose it's a reasonable suggestion for how to work with the horribly broken Ready Reckoner, but frankly I'd just ignore the whole thing, Inquisitor isn't about points levels or scores, it's about character-driven action, no matter how "unbalanced" the opposing sides may be.

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    In a campaign that is definitely true, this is really just for what could be called 'pick up' games of Inquisitor.



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