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    Default how to paint White Scars Fast?

    a frend of oif wants to start playing warhammer but your srulie is probebly going to get stuck painting his minis.

    i need recomendations on how to paint white scars spacemarines quickly with out them looking like CRAP.

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    In all honesty white is difficult to get right, even when taking the time.

    You could try white primer, and ensure you have a clean crisp coverage. Water down codex grey and line the recesed areas of the armor, like the little access plates etc. Then neaten up with white. You could try a wash, but not sure how great this will look. It depends if you want them the dirty white, or fresh of the production line storm trooper white.

    It amuses me that as a Raven Guard player I am advising on how to paint white.
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    White spray primer... finish the base, metal bitz and flesh... done!

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    You could try micron pens, there's a thread here about them.

    I've seen some dirty white scars that I've liked. You could spray white and use a wash of Val. Brown glaze, lots of water and a tiny touch of dish soap. Use multiple glazes to lose as little of the white as possible. You could drybrush with val Ivory or make a just "off" white. Something not too bright.

    You could do some damage on them with a brown using the sponge from a blister pack. This could look battle beaten and, in my opinion, kinda cool. You could also mud up any mistakes and the wheels of the bikes with some acrylic texture. Hope it helps (and teach him to paint his own, or least help with the basecoating

    Edit that, a use a grey for damage, codex or astronomicon
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    Prime White
    Spray Gloss White- Gloss is easier to just wipe away any mistakes with a damp paper towel
    paint trim and details
    Wash Grey
    Touch up
    Spray Matte Varnish

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    May I suggest:

    Not the exact White Scars scheme, but close enough to get the point.
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    Here is a good process that I think should go over fast and easy .

    Prime white , paint your red trim , metal areas , flesh , wash it with 2 coats of devian mud , than bring up the white with that foundation color something stone I think it is than highlight with white , the red get a thin blazing orange highlight , and drybrush metal areas with some chainmail . done !

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