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Thread: IG Vets

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    Default IG Vets

    I'm slowly easing myself into a IG list and at the moment am working on my first squad of Vetrans.
    Currently I've got the following:

    GySgt Harker (Not Sgt, freaking GySgt)
    Demo Man

    I decided to focus on anti-infantry rather than anti-vehicle. I figure if I'm gonna try to kill a tank, and if these guys are still alive to do so, I'll use their melta bombs from the Demo doctrine.

    I'll probably melta out the rest of my squads as I build them over time.

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    If you have demolitions and Harker then the 3 flamers aren't worth as much. You can infiltrate right behind any vehicle and destroy it. Take a meltagun,flamer and a grenade launcher that makes the squad incredibly versatile. I seriously recommend it because I use it and it is awesomely effective (but I don't use Harker).

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    Ah, that'd be reasonable.

    What I figure was that because the Heavy Bolter is an anti-infantry weapon I should stick to flamers.
    Infiltrate behind a nice mob of guys, fry 'em fairly well then assault the remains and hope I don't kill them to the man.
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    That is what I was thinking of doing with my next vet squad.

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    If you bring Harker, I'd just use them as an objective camping unit. 3 grenade launchers (cheap, move and fire), an autocannon (complements the HB, cheap), and the man himself. Fairly cheap, infiltrate and stealth so you can place them where you want to claim an objective, and a good amount of firepower.

    Otherwise, 3 meltas in a Chimera is a solid pick. Fast, protected by the tank, meltas to pop armor, heavy flamer to roast infantry, and a multi-laser to get some shots in at range.

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    It doesnt sound like a bad idea to me. I tend to leave anti infantry up to my tanks tho and give all of my vets melta guns. Infact I used harker with 3 meltas and demolitions in the last tourny I played and they seemed to do pretty well at getting their points back although I'll admit that harker was really just being used as an outflank delivery system which probably isnt his most effective role but I didnt mind.

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    Yeah three melta vets is the best 100 point unit in the game. Hardly a new revelation. I'd leave the flamers to your PCS, BS 4 is wasted with flamers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glocknal View Post
    Yeah three melta vets is the best 100 point unit in the game. Hardly a new revelation. I'd leave the flamers to your PCS, BS 4 is wasted with flamers.
    While this is very true, adding a Heavy Flamer over the 3rd Melta gives greater flexibilty.
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    i agree that BS 4 is wasted on should definatley look into using the meltas with that unit...

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    As a dedicated anti-infantry role, I think it's a good setup, although I'd probably add the heavy flamer. I wouldn't discount flamers from anti-armour, I've blown up a few tanks to the surprise of my opponents with flamers.

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