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    Thanks all!

    Got some time last night and forced my self to do what I've been putting off for while, the final paneling of the tail section. Because of the amount of compound curves I was at a loss as to how to do it so it looked "proppa" but not too ramshackle as I've already established a certain aesthetic with the front half of the fuselage. I pretty much just started cutting, heating and bending plastic until it fit and glued them in place calling it good.


    And starboard.

    Here's the finishing on the tailgunner station. I was going in one direction with how to integrate this but through a lucky accident, came up with this solution.

    Here's the bottom side where the back hatch is. This is a bit messy, I agree. I'm torn with spending a lot more time making it smoother or sitting back and using the excuse that "no one will ever see it (much) so screw it." I will do a snazzy hatch cover with glyphs but not sure about the rest.

    Now I get to do real fun stuff with detailing the fuselage and rivets -woohoo! For reference, it took me three hours to rivet the tail alone. Thankfully there's a fully stocked bar on the other side of my hobby space!


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    2,400+ rivets, and a couple hundred more left to do.

    Wrapped up the tail section underside and all of the secondary plating and riveting. About 4 hours worth. I wasn't drinking this time though, I'm on cold medication instead

    Here's where the beastie stands.

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    THe only things left to do is the canopy:

    and the underside of the main wings with the clusters of bombs.

    Nearly finished with the build - it's been a long trip! I'll most likely be priming this the night before the apoc game on Sat. Goal met!


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    Grrrrr. So close. I would be were I wanted to be if I hadn't had to spend 4 hours in the ER waiting to be seen for my back. (injured it helping my brother move last weekend).

    Finished all bomb mounts and panels for the underside of the wings. I've got them sticky tacked on since I'm impatient and want to see what it looks like with bombs on

    I still need to rivet the underside of the wings, glue to bomb pylons on and then I can do the canopy. That should be it for build. The canopy may have to wait til after the apoc game, we'll see how things go. On to the pics!

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    Incredible! Those bomm pylons look... well, the bomb! (sorry for the really bad pun)

    I know how soul destroying adding rivets to a big project like this can be, so very very well done for having done so very very many! They look fantastic. Why not magnatise the pylons so you can immediately see how many you have dropped during the course of the game?

    Unless of course you play in the very orky style of "drop them all on the first bomming run, regardless of the target"
    Always thinking 2 projects ahead of anything I've yet to finish

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    Thanks Soton! The pylons eventually got magnetized. I want to be able to run grot boms in the future so it was pretty much mandatory Of course, I'll still drop everything in the first run since I know everyone and their allies will be gunning for this thing just to be able to claim they were the first to shoot down the might "Moar Dakka!". Heck, I'm hoping to be able to fire the deff arsenal more than once!

    And in all reality, I don't mind doing rivets. It's "work" that doesn't take any mental gymnastics to do. I can just put my mind in automatic mode and listen to the music on my iPod while I go about the business of attaching 2,600+ tiny bits of plastic.

    Finished everything except the canopy tonight. Because of my schedule I know I won't be able to finish it before Saturdays game. Oh well, not like they need a windscreen anyway, right?

    I did magnetize the bombs so I can always swap them out later with Grot bombs or other fun ordnance. I've got the cockpit taped off as I'm in the process of priming now.

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    Playing this thing in the next Apoc game should be a lot of fun. Hopefully it'll last more that one turn.


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    Here's the newly primed "Maor Dakka!!!" being refitted with a new payload of bombs while parked on the tarmac awaiting it's next sortee.

    I can't wait to deploy this thing for the first time - should be epic. Tomorrows Apoc game is going to be something to be seen, I'm expecting a 40K scale version of Aeronautica. I've got 6 flyers, I know there's nearly 20+ 'umies flyers (Lightnings, Vendettas, etc) and one of our locals has been gathering a Chaos Navy as well. I'll post some pics if I remember to take them

    btw: this thing makes my stompa look like a toy...


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    That thing is BADASS! Great work!


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