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    Default GW sues Chapterhouse

    Saw this on the Warseer thread. Would this be the same Chapterhouse that came to this forum to show their bits for sale?

    I thought I made a post saying they couldn't do this, and I guess the person got a bit offended and explained he could. Just thought it funny now they are being sued. Maybe that is why they are so quiet as of late.
    What is the most important rule? That we should do whatever the hell we want, but preferably in the best interests of Games workshop when possible? :P Ill go with that

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    here, i made this link for you
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    Thumbs down GW a sad day for you.

    I for one would like to see Chapterhouse win.

    If GW made the Howling Griffin pads I would have bought them. Not only does GW not sell them they do not even sell the Decals for them.

    Chapterhouse filled a niche that GW did not. I have been playing 40k since 1993, I spent alot of money on GW products over the years.

    If anything Chapterhouse increased GW sales. I had to buy more boxes of marines to put my shoulder pads on.

    I am a big GW defender but not in this case.


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    Hey i have worked with buying stuff from Chapterhouse, i think there miniatures, parts and add-ons are what GW are not ever going to do.
    Tehy dont have the time, it would cost to much for small gains, would require staff to just make bits, and frankly i cant see them worrying about little things, where they will make money on new box sets.

    ChapterHouse, filled the gap of parts, yeah well they may have made a mistake in naming parts, but i think GW is trying to be forceful and shut everyone out of there business.
    I just saw some other company (cant remember the name now) doing exactly what Chapterhouse did, but instead of alternate names, they went straight to the point.

    Maybe instead of sueing them, they should hire them, atleast they gain more creative designs.
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    Chapterhouse opened themselves up for this by using the GW names such as Salamaders and Howling Griffins. If they had use little more generic names would have been harder to push this but GW seems really focused on the Super Heavy Walker wich has alsmost NO GW look alike parts and uses a VERY generic name. Good Luck on this

    They are also suing Paulson Games and they are gonna have a uphill battle there as he used generic names and they are fresh sculps inspired by GW art work and IP but you cannot own a Riding Wolf and GW does not even make one.

    Reading this lawsiut is fun Thay have Chapterhouse on 38 by using the GW copyrighted names sucg as Salamanders and such but Point 39 who actually belives that Chapterhouse is working for GW NO ONE

    GW has almost no case against Paulson Games as they use generic names and the parts could be used for a dozen other games and with a couple other mini's. This would be like sueing Avatars of War becuase they used Chaos in a Models name and the Mini could be used in Warhammer NO CASE.

    Against Chapterhouse they have a cause of the IP infrginement with the use of their names and for deceptive and fraudulat business practices they have a No Case there. They even say that Chapterhouse does not trying to seperate themselves from GW look at the disclaimer THEY are VERY clear.

    GW is demanding a JURY trial wow I do not think this will work out good for them as they will look like and overbearing Mega Corp shutting down a smal guy who is trying to fill a niche they do not.

    Biggest mistake by Chapterhouse is they USED GW names and some imagery is too close to GW but some is so generic that you cannot copyright like the Maltse Cross for Empire and BTs and the Saw Blade for Flesh Tearers.

    This will be interesting filed the suit on 12/21/10 wonder why it took so long to come to light?
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    Default Old News

    News about GW suing Chapterhouse has been on the gaming forums since within a week of the court filing, including on this very forum. This is "old" news, which therefore is contrary to the meaning of the word, "news".

    Here are links from roughly three weeks ago on this topic, including a link to a topic on this forum:
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    Not only did Chapterhouse ask for it, but they practically demanded it. Talk about bully companies all you want, GW needs to protect it's trademarks. If it lets Chapterhouse make all the 40k models it wants, then in the future other companies will be able to do the same thing and GW wouldn't be able to stop them, as they'd've let it happen for so long. Then GW is no longer in charge of 40k, and the entire hobby likely disintegrates.

    Good think I like Warmachine, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkLink View Post
    Not only did Chapterhouse ask for it, but they practically demanded it.
    Indeed. GW's got a mean legal machine - believe me, I've been on the bad end of it - but they're entirely justified in this case. The only mystery to me is why it didn't happen sooner.

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    I've seen Chapterhouse say some fairly disparaging things about GW on forums before the lawsuit began. They freely bit the hand that fed them at times. That combined with what might be some dubious practices concerning GW's IP does make it appear they "were asking for it".
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    Whilst the models are lavish , the rules are very weak , given the advent of the caestus bein borken then balanced and the still utterly ridiculous Achilles , I was expecting/hoping for something a little more avant garde for the eldar release *sigh* the spectres are insanely squishy for a 35 point model , a single non ap 1 shot is nothing major , currently i think I'd still opt for linked prisms , they dont die when sneezed on ....

    if they were less points and in fast attack MAYBE they would be viable.

    The rules for the warp hunter are stupid , look at that GUN, just look at it , its not more dangerous than the mini support wep version ? whilst the next size up fires a bin lid sized pie plate that murders everything it touches and ignored sheilds (surely a hot contender for top apococrap AT gun)

    It should have rules between the two (duh) would it really kill them to give it a big blast and maybe fix the d wep rules so they were actually good , how on earth is it more dangerous (comparatively) to a land raider than it is to a rhino .... its really just a giant haywire grenade , bleh

    I wrote a letter to forgeworld , first time ever, seems some of the warseer lot have too , only FW support for Eldar ever,they could at least do the stunning models justice with solid rules that at very least compete with imperial equivalents, technologically D waps should surpass the destructive potential of imperial weps to a terrifying degree.

    more lame pandering to the imperial demographic


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