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    Default Fantasard Podcast: High Elves and terrain pieces

    A new fortnightly podcast that (in part) discusses WHFB, PP and others. Episode 3 now posted.

    Episode 3 looks at elves in the fantasy genre, High Elves in WHFB, our WHFB campaign set in Albion, and WHFB terrain pieces: buildings.

    Upcoming episodes will look at other armies, painting your army, as well as our ongoing campaign.

    Team Fantasard

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    Default Episode 4 available

    A review of the Albion army book + a batrep of woodies vs VC

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    Default fantasard episode 5

    Episode 5

    Kislev, and a batrep of Dark Elves vs Dwarfs

    What wfb armies are the best for a newcomer to the Hobby

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    Default Episode 7+

    We look at Malifaux and Warmachine...with a review of the malifaux rules set and the start of our playing Malifaux



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