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    Default "Choices, Choices" DE vs DE 1500pts VIDEO Battle Report

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    Sorry - I couldn't watch it. I was getting motion sickness before you finished describing the mission. I tried listening to it instead.

    It's an interesting camera style if that's what you were going for, but some of us "more Mature" people just can't handle it like we used to. I avoid Fair Rides for the same reason.

    If you weren't intending that sort of look, try bracing your elbows against your torso or the table to steady the camera a bit and move your whole body. A Monopod or Tripod helps as well. Try to avoid moving the camera in and out so frequently, so quickly.

    What I could see of the editing looked very clean. Sound was good, your voice was clear.

    Good luck on your future games.

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    Yea sorry for the jitters, Im not trying to film an episode of ER.

    Its an issue I am working on in earnest.




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