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    Default Need your help for support of LOTR Strategy Battle Game!

    Hey BOLSers,

    We all know that LOTR isn't the most popular GW game at the moment, especially the Strategy Battle Game. But like any game that has had its time in the spot light, there is a group of hardcore fans that want continued support for the game.

    My local gaming group never got into WOTR due to lack of players. Strategy Battle Game (SBG) was the filler; it allowed us to collect smaller allied collections and we found the skirmish principles to be great gaming. The problem is: GW doesnt seem to do much to support SBG anymore.

    Mainly, SBG does not have an internet page on the website that compiles the rules for new WOTR releases. Every WD magazine publishes these rules for new models that are released, but they are yet to be compiled on the GW website for easy access.

    So, do your part! Email their customer service at:

    Tell them you want a database for all the previous and future new LOTR releases for the SBG. The goal here is to get a page like the Apoc datasheets that lists all of the new releases that never had rules covered in the main rules book or supplements. Once it is up, it is a simple matter for them to add new rules for new releases. Go Strategy Battle Game!

    Thanks for doing your part!
    For the Empire-----CHARGE!!!!!!!!!

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    i'll email my LotR group



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