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    Default Infinity Resources

    For those interested in Infinity, I thought I would provide a list of helpful links.

    The Main English website

    The Getting Started page with sample armies for 300 point games (150 is a popular game size when getting the hang of things). Those are not package discounts, but full retail prices. You can also see some ideas in Section9's $100 Army Challenge.

    Their download page with the rules, markers, scenarios, etc.

    There are also the Unofficial Re-edited Infinity Rules which combine both of the official rulebooks, correct some of the errors which can be confusing, and changes the layout to bring related sections together.

    Infinity Wiki.

    Devil Team has created an online army builder which can also be downloaded.

    The Official International Forums are a great help.

    Corvus Belli has created a YouTube channel covering some of the rules and fluff for each of the factions.
    Pan Oceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Combined Army, Aleph, & Mercenaries.

    How to Play INFINITY 1

    How to Play INFINITY 2

    How to Play INFINITY 3

    How to Play INFINITY 4 (Impetuous Orders)

    How to Play INFINITY 5 (Smoke Grenades)

    How to Play INFINITY 6 (Camouflage & Hiding)

    How to Play INFINITY 7 (Camouflage & Hiding)

    How to Play INFINITY 8 (Camouflage & Hiding)

    Doremicon has also started posting tutorial videos.
    Start here
    Ariadna Overview
    Yu Jing Overview
    Tutorial Batrep part 1
    Tutorial Batrep part 2
    Tutorial Batrep Corrections

    Much of the scenery used in the official videos above can be downloaded for free from Toposolitario, or built following Bostria's instructions.(with videos 1, 2)

    Wargaming Trader's Infinity for 40k Players

    Bostria has also posted a nice How to Deploy article along with some well done battle reports. (1, 2)

    IJW posted a useful Intro games and learning to play at the official forums.

    Building an Infinity army (plus how not to do it) on Frontline Gamer.

    Ángel Giráldez is the official painter, and his blog is a great resource for viewing the Infinity miniatures.

    Finally, the guys over at Beasts of War recently had Infinity Week which wass loaded with excellent video interviews with the game developers, articles, and a shiny quick start rules for those interested in proxying some figures to try it out.

    And they are also having an Infinity Week 2012.

    I'll keep updating this when new videos and other useful resources are made available.

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    Also note that for Infinity, other than the miniatures (and an opponent of course), all of the above is all you need to play the game. That official Wiki really has all the rules you'll need to play the game, and the army builder has all the stats of the units too.
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    Here are this month's miniature releases. I'll try to keep the images up to date as Corvus Belli announces their new releases.

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    New hype video for the next book and Tohaa release, along with Infinity Week 2012.

    New faction box

    preview of Scarface and Cordelia

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    Woah, nicely done. Links looks super useful. I'm doing as much reading as I can before I order that super tempting Ariadna starter set ....

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    This has some super useful info, any way we can get it stickied?
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    My own personal resource from the Human Sphere years 75 point demo lists covering all (at the time) factions and sectorials.

    But it looks like it's time to update them taking into account the Tohaa, Steel Phalanx and miniature releases since then.

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    Worth a note: The devil team builder has been upgraded to V4.0.

    It is browser only at this point (no download) and still has a few bugs in the ENGLISH version (points and SWC costs)

    They've also announced the April (due mid May) releases:

    Characters for PanO (Kirpal Singh, the Akal character - and yes, he IS a Sikh (with that surname, definitely). ) and Yu-jing (Neko Oyama, Domaru character).
    Tohaa remotes (chaksa. They bio-enhance lower creatures where humans and the others make robot friends).
    Scots guard with missile launcher.
    New Haqq doctor and engineer with existing nasmat remotes (support box).



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