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Thread: Enslavers

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    Default Enslavers

    Finally finished my enslavers and got some decent pics of them. I know they arent "perfect", as I still consider myself an amateur, but I did make sure I could do the best job I possibly could - that said, crit is appreciated.

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    HQ -
    Krell Puppeteer x1 - With Copy Of The Necronomicon

    Troops :
    Krell Dominators x3
    Krell Dominators x3
    Krell Dominators x3
    Krell Dominators x3

    Elites :
    Krell Enslaver x1
    Krell Enslaver x1

    Fast Attack :
    Krell Enslaver Spawn x6
    Krell Enslaver Spawn x6

    The Enslavers

    Azathoth :

    Deep outside the confines of the milky-way, the warp is not a still and silent place as one would think. For untold millions of years the extradimensional alien entity Azathoth has existed, not only is he the realm of which lay the Krell, but he is a sentient being unto himself. Azathoth existed before our universe was even born, his pre-universal laws and physics allowing him to create a bubble of reality known as the Warp to exist within. As galaxies formed, Azathoth watched from the warp and learning of the new races beginning to be born across the galaxies. Over time Azathoth realised that eventually newer races would find a way to corrupt and distort his warp and began to create the first of his minions, the Enslavers. It was millions of years later before Azathoth would need to use his Enslaver Plague - but he caught the sight of a far-away galaxy teeming with life and war, a higher race had engineered dozens of psychic races which were as Azathoth predicted, corrupting and changing his Warp Realm adding chaos to his eldritch purity.

    The Enslaver Plague :

    Azathoth's first move was to send his plagues to this galaxy and cut the corruption of chaos off at the source, all the psychic races and their potential. For a while the Enslaver plagues worked, wiping out untold civilizations of psychic races - but the enslavers were not enough, their limited capacity to stay in the material realm weakening them as their source of psychic power diminished over time. As time went on, the psychic races survived - with the enslavers brought down to a minimum they would never be a major threat again.

    War Of Azathoth :

    As Chaos grew once again, with the birth of slaanesh, Azathoth knew the Enslavers alone could not destroy the psychic races. He spent ten thousand years working on creating new Krell, including the devestating Enslaver Primes which Azathoth gifted each with a copy of the Necronomicon, a powerful tome the Primes could use to tap into Azathoth's very essence to defeat the enemy. Dominators were created as well, Krell which while lacking the ability to enslave could be permenant fixtures in the material realm which could grow the more material life they destroyed. The newer Enslavers were formed from the patterns of the Dominators, but were made stronger and able to survive and breed in the material realm - creating swarms of Enslaver Spawn. Lastly, Azathoth took upon himself to sent hundreds of his own personal agents - the Psyrens, their dreaded pipes of Azathoth used to ensnare the minds of mortals and guide the Krell with thoughts of Azathoths dreams. Now in the end years of the 41st millenium, the new Krell are slowly appearing in small raiding forces assaulting and destroying, with new orders sent by Azathoth itself. The second war would not fail, this is just the beginning.

    timeline :

    120.M41 - Deprivation To The Necrons -
    A peaceful non-imperial human colony begins to be harvested by the awakening Necrons, but the Krell seize an opportunity to enslave the humans to once again deprive the Necrons. The Krell send their slave armies into the core of the Necron tomb-complex, where the slaves begin a terrifying transformation into living-portals that unleash thousands of Enslaver Spawns which disrupt and destroy central areas of the Tomb complex, sending the necrons back into hibernation.

    205.M41 - The Ancient One's return -
    Accidently released by Adeptus Mechanicus from an alien stasis field of unknown origin the ancient Enslaver known as Nyarlathotep enslaves the entire population of Korben IV. Over a matter of weeks an army of slaves is amassed to do the Ancient One's bidding, its primary objective to recover a lost relic that it stole from another dimension that can turn an entire planet into a living Krell gateway.

    485.M41 - Reign Of The Dimension Riders -
    Krell plague codenamed The Dimension Riders make a shock entry on the planet Hararzul using the native psyker population to enter into the material world. The Puppeteer named Ag-Sathoth uses its necronomicon to turn the deserts of the world into a city of cyclopean stone and altars to the Krell's master Azathoth.

    489.M41 - Year Of The Nemesis -
    A plague of Dominators come across their arch enemy in the form of Chaos Daemons on the Agri-world of Satelen. The human Planetary defences are caught in a war between Krell Dominators and daemons of Tzeentch. The Krell fight the impure chaotic ones but eventually fall due to the firey legions of Flamers which burn the material flesh of the Dominators resulting in a victory for Chaos.

    533.M41 - Lore Of Azathoth -
    A surviving ancient Enslaver from the war in heaven leads a new host of Dominators to attack and enslave the imperial world of Orabiae, 60 million years after its last visit. Over the next several years the Krell make war against the space marines of the Sand Tarantulas chapter. Eventually the marines manage to repel the Dominators and destroy the ancient Enslaver for good.

    574.M41 - The Lure Of The Psyrens -
    The Puppeteer known as Dagon orchestrates the destruction of an Iron Warriors warband without firing a single shot. Instead the Puppeteer uses its necronomicon to turn the Iron warriors against each other destroying themselves. The Chaos Lord temporarily escapes but is lured by Dagon's Psyrens towards it where it unleashes its dreaded crimson tentacle into the armour of the Chaos Lord destroying him entirely.

    782.M41 - Destruction Of The Archville -
    Krell ravage an alien planet home to a warlike species known as the Archville. The Archville warriors Ice based weaponry while powerful is not enough to destroy the krell plague, and eventually the majority of the race is sucumbs to enslavement or death. The few surviving Archville escape the world but become scattered across space.

    826.M41 - Assault in the webway -
    A legion of Krell known as The Sermon of Hastur managed to gain access to the webway and launch an assauly on a small Dark Eldar city. The Dark Eldar and Krell pit their slaves against each other before blood is spilt between the two. Eventually the Sermon of Hastur are all but destroyed except for one Puppeteer that manages to escape further into the outer reaches of the webway never to be seen again.

    954.M41 - Dawn Enclave -
    The Master of the Black key, a powerful Enslaver Prime gains access to a Thexian Bloodship. The Thexians and their Loxatl allies fight for their lives as more of their own are transformed into living portals where Dominators spill through into the ships corridors and chambers. Eventually the Thexians are forced to abandon ship, but not before the self-destruct mechanism is activated destroying the Enslaver Prime and its Dominators.

    986.M41 - Fields Of Azathoth -
    A mighty Krell plague is unleashed on the Yulet Star-system, transforming all of its worlds and moons into living organic temples to Azathoth, all the psykers are annihilated in a triumphant victory which weakens the Chaos Realm in the immaterium long enough for Azathoth to extend its tentacles further towards the realm.

    999.M41 - The Crystal Bastion -
    Outside the realm of chaos within the warp, an Umbra horde unleashes its fury upon one of Azathoth's tentacles. The resulting war lasts for untold ages as Krell and Umbra fight within the warp causing reality and unreality to crumble. While the Krell are cut down, they suceed in destroying the Umbra horde - but their tentacle bastion is severely weakened, leaving it wide open for the daemons of chaos to destroy them.

    p.s. the fluff is the "first" version, and will likely undergo revision as I notice some bits dont make much sense, as well as grammar ect..

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    Those look really awesome. Props.

    I think the eyes could use some highlights and shadows. Make them look a little more dynamic. really I feel some more contrast could really help these out in general but the eyes need it most.

    nice drybrushing work though, and great moddeling. love it.

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    Very dramatic and great subtle color values. as stated above, it may be advantageous to use a bit of a contrasting wash, but I like them as they stand. Nice!

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    Thats alot of forgeworld...

    Looks cool, i would be interested to see how it plays

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    Default Wow!

    Very impressive. Have you considered painting the eyes with some "Ard coat to give them a glossy or wet sheen? They'd look a little more like eyes.

    Otherwise, I really like what you've done.


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    Nice models, as others says only eye need some....refinement dunno maybe some sphere effect like eldars gems or maybe a wash of ink to get them look wet or(hard 1) try to paint an exagon web on it like insects eyes

    hwr good job man

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    The fluff is very impressive for a first version. It is rather refreshing to see a list of victories and defeats.

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    Those look awesome. Has a "Matrix" type feel to it.


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