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    Default Snotlings How to use them properly

    I have been pondering these little guys for some. Everything I read leads me to believe that these are a very good choice. Help me understand if they are good and how to use them?
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    I dont play orkz but if I did I'd use them as a crappily shooting screen like I use my gaunts

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    I'm pretty new at WFB, but my strategy is to use them as an anti close combat screen, a mud puddle (multiple wounds, and won't run away), or as a method of exposing a side rank (face them at an angle so when they get charged the enemy has to rotate). Most of these ideas come from GW's strategy article in the O&G section.

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    Snotlings are terrible at trying to hold units up, the are only stubborn on a 4 and die like flys, I have no idea why you would use them to try and tarpit.

    Thier most useful role is in a unit of 2, these serve several purposes.

    1. They are great at getting in the way and redirecting charges, they are good at this because they wont panic anyone else, are ITP so dont have to worry about failing any ld tests, dont take animosity, and are dirt cheap.
    2. They are only 40 points, so even if they have nothing to redirect they can just control/contest a board quarter and net point
    3. Its always nice to have extra deployments of crappy units so you can out deploy your opponent

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    Snotlings can be used as:

    1. Shooting screens (as mentioned above)
    2. Redirectors. They do not suffer animosity, so you can be sure that you can move the unit and angle it in such a way as to redirect the (almost) inevitable overrun
    3. Capture negate quarters. At a cost of 40 points, with the ability of gaining 100 or negating a 100 to the enemy is great. I try to field at lease 2 units, and try to go for 4 when possible, one for each table quarter.
    4. If you use the suicide goblin, then put him in a unit of snotlings and he does not need to test for fear/terror if he charges a fear/terror unit.
    5. You could also use them to flank a unit, but you have to be careful as you might be giving your opponent weaker models to wound.




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