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Thread: Inland empire?

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    Default Inland empire?

    whats my best bet for a good mix where i can play 40k, fantasy, and kings of war between ontario and redlands.

    i'm moving to loma linda in a month. collected quite a bit of figs in my day. i have a realm of battle table and tons of terrain 30% of it is painted, as well as a few other goodies still in the box - were talking hundreds of dollars of terrain still in the box. if anybody wants to meet up or let me in on where the best place to play and hang is. reply on here.

    also if there is a minority of a particular army being sported in your club - i need some serious motivation to paint and play any of my armies. for any game system. i could possibly commit to once / week gaming depending on my outdoor activities. pretty active.

    here's what i've got

    dark elves
    high elves
    ogre kingdoms
    tomb kings
    vampire counts
    wood elves

    dark eldar
    grey knights
    space marines - counts as everything - mostly dark angels

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    I live in Fontana and have Warmachine and 40k and a nice table to play on. If you want to get some weekend games or later evening games during the week.

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    1.5 years later i have learned that you have to live some where 30 miles of los angeles or in riverside to even consider getting a game. thanks to my gateway GW friends for the short lived awesomeness. Not as many hammer people as i thought out here past HW 15 and even less past HWY 215... :/



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