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    Default Blackadder's Scratchbuilt Thunderhawk

    The Blackadder has a new project and I am posting here from the inception rather than after it was completed as with Lucie.

    This new project is a Thunderhawk the basic structure of which has been kicked around my basement for a few years; a discarded work my son attempted when I started my Warhound. In all fairness starting college may have been the cause of his waining interest in scratchbuilding.

    Anyway I have taken up the gauntlet and am attempting to complete this model.

    The hull is composed of 1/2 inch foam filled posterboard and the images below are of the basic hull as of a week ago.

    The image uploader isn't working? It's not the size or the format? I'll try later.

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    I came across these 3D images.

    I don't know who this artist is but I want to have his baby (Well build his baby anyway.) He has actually made a Thunderhawk look not only attractive but downright viable.

    Below are 3D renderings from this artist which while not 100% FW exact are a tremendous improvement on the original and will be my guide from now on.

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    More from the same artist:

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    And yet more:

    Note that the last image is of the heretofore not seen belly of the beast.

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    Good luck with it. If it's a fraction as good as your Warhound, I truely cannot wait to see the end result.
    Always thinking 2 projects ahead of anything I've yet to finish

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    I really want to replicate the 3D Thunderhawk posted above. It may be outsized but it looks more airworthy than any Thunderhawk rendering I've yet seen. I can't wait to get to the fine detail. The layered armour and the beveled edge on the fuselage really makes this thing come alive. I'm also opening up the cargo bay so it will have an interior as well.

    "One step forward two steps back," that's my motto.

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    Since this beastie will have a full interior of the cargo bay including the side hatches I have to be careful all is right dimension wise. I am taking meticulous care building the nose hatch/ramp.

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    I've been real busy at work this week not much to show for it. Yesterday I started on the cargo bay interior. Getting smarter in my old age I'm building the interior first so I don't have to work inside out.

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    I'm going to stick with the cargo bay cockpit and under the air brake flaps. That should be sufficient. I know there is a wealth of detail in the FW kit, (They should invest some of that energy in making their moulds stable.) but what I have seen in most of the resin kits I've rescued is that the hatches are glued shut, the doors are inoperable and if there is a panel that can be removed to veiw some internal component it is invariably cemented in place for eternity.

    Not so with the Jumbo 'hawk; the interior is coming along nicely but is a chore. Sometimes I wonder why I start these things, they monopolize a lot of time plus I ran out of crucial styrene for the floor ribs and had to make a hobby shop run this morning. I thought I'd never find a use for this size strip but I ran out two strips short of finishing and had to buy more. Now I have more than when I started. (Poor baby Blackadder.)

    Any way the floor is done and the side panels are clamped in place but I won't be gluing just yet because I still haven't figured out where the landing gear cylinder goes when the nose gear is retracted. Someone's in for a bit of a shock when that nose gear bursts thru the cargo compartment floor (All together now, "Poor engineering planning FW, nowheres near as well thought out as the Warhound. And where are the actuators for the forward cargo hatch/ramp?) All these problems will have to be addressed before the interior detail can be affixed

    Here's the result of a mis-spent Saturday morning:


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