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    Default 6th ed bringing new army: Hrud.

    Quote Originally Posted by MrSatan View Post
    This will be a thread to compile and discuss the upcoming Hrud army thats going to be released with the new edition next year. This was brought to light in the 6th edition rumor thread by Ghost and backed by BramGaunt.

    Firstly big thanks to Ghost as pretty much all so far has came from him but I am hoping the other rumormongers will also pitch in! The idea of a Hrud force has really caught my attention as I have always been a big fan of them. Please don't let this degenerate into trolling and wishlisting and I will update this thread as more info comes to light!

    Firstly for reference heres the current Hrud info:


    -Will probably be a white dwarf teaser list and then a full codex. Look out for hints in upcoming WD's
    -The Umbra WILL be in the army
    -There will be at least one vehicle described as a tunneler modified for war (tunneling rules a la trygon perhaps?)
    -They have units named/such as Triads, Blades, Shamans, Paths
    -They are described as a 'steamroller' type force withe tactic such as 'shoot retreat shoot , ambush'
    -Background-wise they are described as an ancient race that are pissed because they lost their homeworld to slaanesh, the umbra are said to be fragments of their God (Q'ah) that was destroyed by Slaanesh. They hate Chaos with a passion.

    Thats all, again this is pretty much all from Ghost so far. If anyone including Ghost has anything to add feel free to post/PM me and I will keep this up to date.
    Many Thanks
    From Warseer. Sounds interesting.
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    Wait a new alien army that operates exactly like Tau? hm =(.

    Glad they're making them...kind of think their tactics sound like a clone of what Tau ended up being.
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    I am not merely a nay-sayer, but this sounds a step too far even beyond the alleged sweeping changes (rules dumb down at GW, not up people).

    Also, this would mean Assymetrical Xeno would become a mainstream player - this would have the same effect as 2 of the same people occupying the same timestream - the universe would instantly turn itself inside out.

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    I have to admit I'm putting this firmly in the 'believe it when I see it' category, but Ghost21 and BramGaunt are both reliable, and my own sources have been hinting at new armies too.
    Ask not the EldarGal a question, for she will give you three answers, all of which are puns and terrifying to know. Back off man, I'm a feminist. Ia! Ia! Gloppal Snode!

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    I thought the Hrud were supposed to be rat-like? And haven't people been claiming for years now that the Squats were being re-released as the Hrud?

    This does NOT look like a rat, nor a squat (thankfully):
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    I┤m with Eldargal, I┤ll believe it when seeing...
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    Demiurge are the race rumoured to be Squat-replacements.

    Some people thought Hrud were rat-like because the 3rd ed rulebook had a picture of one that was hunched up and covered by a robe. It looked rather Jawa-eqsue. But the Xenology book fleshed them out quite a bit more.

    I'd love to see new alien armies, so I'm all for the Hrud & Umbra. They strike me as a real challenge to design rules and models for, but full of exciting possibilities. - My 40k Blog: Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Guard Grots, Conversions, Battle Reports and more.

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    believing when I see it...

    possibilities for many awesome models.
    question arises: why not bless other, older armies with good models/fresh rules?

    anyways: more slaves for my DE!

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    All sounds interesting, apart from Squats. I hate Squats. They are truly for the real ale drinking crowd. I think I will start putting small amounts of money aside for the Mechanicum army that is at the top of my GW Wishlist and pray that GW make eventually (I'd make my own but I am both lazy and busy, which is an interesting contradiction to exist in, let me tell you). Hrud? interesting to see, not sure I'm interested at this stage.

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    Hmmm, we'll I'd believe it when I see it. I just don't expect gw to throw out such a fringe army, which would be considered out of the blue to 90% of gw players, and then expect people to buy it.

    Now demiurg - THAT would have been cool!
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