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    Default 'Ard Boyz 2011 battle reports Blood Angels

    I took a Hybrid Blood Angels list as follows:


    Librarian: shield and sword powers

    3 Priests with power weapons, 1 with jump pack

    2 Assault Squads 5 men with power weapon and flamer in Assault cannon rzrbacks

    2 Assault Squads 5 men with power fist and melta in Lascannon rzrbacks

    1 Assault Squad 10 men, jump packs with 2 melta and power fist

    1 Sanguinary guard with 2 infernus pistol, power fist, and Banner

    2 Baal Predators with heavy bolters

    Attack Bikes 3 bikes, with Multimeltas

    2 Predators with Auto/Lascannons

    Round 1: Venom Spam DEldar with:

    Vect and wyches in the Dais

    The Baron

    3 x Trueborn blaster Venoms

    5 x Warriors with blaster in Venoms

    3 x Ravagers

    Scourges x 10 with 4 haywire blasters

    Mission: Pitched Battle Deployment, Scenario: Kill points, 'Ard Boyz twist: Each player trades the other a single troops model as a TRAITOR who must be killed at all costs. The Traitor gains a new stat line, becomes independent character, and is worth 5 kill points. First turn night fight

    My opponent wins deployment and after mulling it over a while, chooses for me to deploy first. Between Vect having a 4+ to steal the initiative and DEldars' Night Vision, I reserve my entire army. He deploys in a relatively standard battle line, with more of his anti-tank concentrated on my left flank, and Vect near the center. He reserves the traitor all by himself.

    Sanguinary Guard and the Squad with the Traitor get red thirst

    Turn 1: I'm in reserves. My opponent moves every vehicle at least 13" for the cover save, and mainly advances while keeping the Scourges in his center back and the bringing about half the army fairly far forward.

    Turn 2: I hit every reserve except the Sanguinary guard, my Librarian's razorback(melta squad) and an anti-tank predator. I land Dante and the Assault Squad with priest half in a forest on my right flank and use them to blow up a Ravager(1/3 of his anti tank on my right half) Each Baal predator takes out a venom (1 warrior squad who is A-OK, and 1 trueborn who is pinned). Bikes kill the Dais and 6 wyches in the explosion, Assault cannon razorback kills another 2, leaving Vect and just the Agonizer wych. Predator stuns a Ravager and I tuck the razorback with traitor and priest behind some ruins on my far right.

    His turn 2 sees moderate retaliation losing my 1/3 of the Assault squad, a Baal Predator, the gun on a assault cannon rzrback, and the Bikes to Vect's rage over his sweet ride being gone. He got the Traitor in from reserve and attached him to the back of the Scourges.

    Turn 3: I get the other predator and my sanguinary guard, but still not the Librarian. Dante and friends go forward and punch to death the Scourges (sweeping him and killing the traitor in the process) and also getting a venom(multiple combat) Predators get a Ravager immobilized and take a gun from a venom. The Traitor's rzrback combines with a Baal predator to reduce the central trueborn to 1 model, while a flamer squad eats some warriors. I tuck the sanguinary guard behind the Traitor for protection from incoming threats.

    His turn sees me lose everyone but 1 melta gun from the Assault squad (including dante and priest) while losing a predator, a razorback, and Vect eats up a flamer squad(but loses his wych friend).

    Turn 4: I finally get the librarian and his rzrback immediately pops the mobile Ravager. Sanguinary guard waste their potential killing the 1 trueborn in the forest, but get in position to go hunting next turn. I form a 4 tank battle line in my right hand side to protect the traitor's rzrback, and manage a few more non-kill damange results on venoms (weapons / immobiles).

    His turn kills 2 of the sanguinary guard, and the assault squad melta gunner. I'm down to just 4 of my 8 tanks, but they're almost all out of range of his anti-tank at this point, so he spends the shots killing marines. Vect re-purposes an empty venom to try a long run at my traitor.

    Turn 5: A venom and the unit inside go down to my Guard, while I move further into defensible positions due to my big kill point lead.

    His turn kills the Guard, but at a 3 for 1 trade, I can take the loss. The two mobile venoms come after my lines by going flat out 24" to set up a turn 6 charge.

    Turn 6: I mop up 2 already damage venoms over to kills, and put some woods between vect and the traitor rzrback.

    His turn sees the only darklight weapon in range of that tank get stopped by a 5+ librarian save, and we fail to roll for turn 7.

    I get the massacre on the big 5 point bonus the traitor provided, then managing to keep half my killpoints(but not half my army) alive by saving most of my characters. I only pick up 2 bonus points however and am in 3rd after this round (2 players tabled their opponents for the full 26 to my 22)

    Round 2: Mission: 5 objectives, Deployment: Spearhead. Twist: Each objective is in the center of a table quarter and then the 5th in direct table center. Each players deployment zone objective is worth 1 point, Non-Deployment ones worth 2 points, and center worth 4 points.

    My opponent is playing Grey Knights with:


    Librarian with Halberd and several powers

    3 Venerable Dreads with auto cannons

    5 squads of purifiers in rhinos

    Terminators with weapon mix

    Storm Raven

    3 Dreads with Auto cannons

    I win the roll to go first and take it. I pick the table quarter opposite one with a single large piece of terrain and 2 forests. I want to reduce his ability to hide the dreads from my long range shooting and thus the likelihood they have 3+ cover saves.

    Sanguinary Guard get red thirst (2 for 2, go get em boys!)

    Turn 1: My bikes wreck the stormraven on the first shot. I stun 2 normal dreads and blow up a rhino then Baal predator half the purifiers in it to death. I take the gun off a venerable dread in the back, and leave another venerable staring into the back of the storm raven wreck.

    His turn blows up 2 razorbacks (1 of each type) and immobiles both Baal Predators (lucky for me).

    Turn 2: Sanguinary guard execute a risky deepstrike right behind a venerable, and take its other arm off. Dante and assault squad land half in a forest behind his army and kill another venerable. I immobile a rhino and stun a normal dread. I kill the half purifier squad with an assault cannon plus flamer squad.

    His turn I block every fortitude attempt, leaving him with 1 functional dread of each type. Purifiers stun my libraian's rzrback but fail terrain to charge. I trade half my sanguinary guard for all of the Purifiers that charge them. Thus far I have blocked every psychic power but 1 (a dreadnaught fortitude I was out of range on in turn 1).

    Turn 3: I blow up all the rest of the dreads but the immobile normal one, kill another rhino and purifier squad, and shoot the termies down to half.

    His turn: The last dread immobiles a normal predator (no real harm) and I lose some models from squads, but not whole units.

    Turn 4: I Have both non-deployment objectives, and my own zone. Dante and assault squad kill the termies off the center and take it. I get rid of another rhino and the purifiers in it, and he conceeds.

    I take the max 24 points. A draw on table 1 puts me in 1st by a decent margin and matches me up against another dark eldar army.

    Round 3: Mission: Victory points, Deployment: Dawn of war. Twist: 1 HQ is nominated as army general and is worth double victory points.

    His army consisted of:


    3 sets of Trueborn with blasters in Venoms

    6 sets of wyches in raiders

    2 sets of 5 Scourges with haywire blasters

    3 Razorwing fighters

    Everything has flickerfields (except maybe the raiders, I dont remember)

    I win the roll for first turn and take it, placing the character-less flamer squad in Assault cannon rzrback in the right half of center of the board, near a large LOS blocking ruin complex.

    He deploys nothing.

    The jump pack squad and the bikes both red thirst.

    Turn 1: I move my Librarian onto my left flank with an anti-tank predator and Dante with Assault Squad. The bikes take up the center position with both Baal predators and a lascannon razorback. Both Assault cannon rzrbacks move into a tight position near the giant ruins with the other anti-tank predator and the sanguinary guard.

    His turn, he aethersails all 6 raiders in between and around that large ruin, with the venoms hiding behind it for next turn tank hunting with blasters. The 3 fighters all fly laterally into the far left corner of the board, hoping to force me to expose side and back armor to at least half his anti-tank.

    Turn 2: Bikes blow up a raider killing half the wyches inside, then punch the rest to death. Sanguinary guard then kill Vect's raider and dont charge (hoping to not give him a free move in my turn) Other shooting kills a 3rd and 4th raider, in 1 case leaving a single model who is also pinned and in another seeing the occupants die to assault. 1 Fighter loses a lance, and another is stunned.

    On his turn Vect breaks off from wyches and kills a flamer squad while the wyches tie up the sanguinary guard. Lances bounce off librarian saves or simply miss all over the place, causing only a single assault cannon rzrback to be shaken and immobile. An intact wych squad assaults the other flamer unit and get stuck in. 1 set of Scourges assault the bikes to tie them up and succeed.

    Turn 3: Dante and friends rescue the bikes from a prolonged combat. A Baal predator kills Vect with its assault cannon. A trueborn venom is wrecked and they're pinned. Another raider goes down as does the first razorwing fighter, while another is immobile and lose both lances. All other combats remain stuck in.

    His turn costs me my bikes (to blasters) half the assault squad (to razorwing missiles) and the sanguinary guard.

    Turn 4: I Dante and friends kill a venom with shooting, then the trueborn in it and wyches near by in assault. The other prolonged combat ends in my opponents favor. I'm mostly out of tanks to shoot at and after some flickerfield saves on razorwings, I do little other damage.

    His turn sees 5 wyches haywire the immobile razorback to really really really shaken/stunned status. I lose the other assault cannon rzrback to the 1 wych who survived earlier explosions.

    Turn 5: I kill a 2nd razorwing fighter, get dante into some wyches alone, and the priest and jump pack squad into other wyches. Dante gets stuck in, but I win the other fight. I have him down to 1 razorwing, 1 venom, and 1 raider, plus 2 wych units, 1 trueborn, and 1 scourge.

    His turn keep Dante stuck in, and shoots a Baal to death. Not much else.

    Turn 6: Priest detaches and kills trueborn. Dante still stuck on wyches. Jump packs punch immobile both venom and raider, and I flub killing the immobile razorwing with grenades.

    His turn keeps Dante trapped, and does little else.

    Turn 7: I shoot every tank dead, Dante kills the wyches, and jump packs fight scourges to a standstill.

    His turn leaves just scourges vs. jump packs, and I kill all but 1, but he makes leadership.

    I still have more than 1200 VP on the board, and with Vect's double point value I take the massacre and all bonus for a 22-0 win.

    When all was said and done I took First overall with 68 out of 72 possible points. 2nd place was my friend who traveled with me to the tournament who was using a 3 storm raven blood angel list. 3rd place was the 6 dreadnaught grey knight player.

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    I was gunna go. I had my army up n' ready, and then a work dinner got announced. New faculty were gunna be there, ect. Oh yeah, speedies and free good beer. Yeah, couldn't miss that.

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    nice David!

    I got 2nd at my store. I shall see you at regionals! :P
    BOLScon 40k Judge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caldera02 View Post
    nice David!

    I got 2nd at my store. I shall see you at regionals! :P
    Silly Dark Eldar. Don't they know my rage for them?

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    Yes, Yes. And I found it quite amusing you had to play them round one
    BOLScon 40k Judge

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    I looked at his display board and was like "oh this looks familiar, it's a good thing I didn't design my list to fight dark eldar.... Oh wait yeah I did.".

    And then I got lucky with grey knights cause I think BA match up really well against them.

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    I think Dark Eldar are on the way out, I didn't play a single game vs. them in our local prelims.

    OK, that was an un-necessary dig. I apologize.


    ...Caldera, get back to work!
    Oh lord I've got 'em, I've got the...'s a blog. Read it!



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