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    Default Fraud / Scam FAQ

    Here are the basics of avoiding fraud and scammers, and what to do if you think you've been a victim of fraud:

    Suspicious Signs of Possible Scammers

    1. Low Post Count. This is the big one to look out for. If someone is trading with less than 20 posts, be wary.

    2. Recent Join Date. If someone has registered only a few months ago, exercise caution. Check their references, post counts, actual posts, and their PM messages.

    3. Amazing Deals. If a poster is offering a deal that is "too good to be true" - IT PROBABLY IS. If you appear to be lined up go get an amazing out of this world deal, exercise caution.

    4. Research, Research, Research. Do your homework. Research who you're trading with using the Lounge's many resources in the user profile of the person with whom you are trading with.

    5. Build Relationships. Don't make a first trade over your financial comfort level with someone unless you have verified they are on the up and up. If you complete a small initial trade, then build a relationship and work up to larger and more trades.

    6. Foreign Trades. Be wary of nations that have a reputation for scams. In general, once merchandise is shipped out to a foreign country, it is very difficult to get it back if a deal goes south. Be especially wary of:

    Eastern Europe
    Southeast Asia

    I Think I've Been Scammed

    1. Send a final formal email, or physical letter informing the SCAMMER that you consider the matter to be fraud and give them one last chance to make ammends.

    2. If you paid via Paypal - file a dispute. If you paid via Credit Card, call your company to cancel the payment.

    3. Contact your Local Postal Office, and THE SCAMMER's Postal Office.

    4. Contact your Local Police Department, and Contact THE SCAMMER's police department.

    5. Inform the Lounge staff of the SCAMMER via the Help Desk.

    Fraud Reporting Resources

    United States Postal Inspection Service

    USPS Mail Fraud Complaint Form

    FBI Internet Fraud Complaint Center

    Better Business Bureau Online Complaint Center
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