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    Default Xbox or PC quick poll of sorts

    I preordered Spacemarine for Xbox originally, i have not payed for it yet. I was starting to think this may be a better title to have on the computer. I figure controls will be better with a mouse, and the following of the 40k universe strikes me as more of a computer gaming community rather than a Xbox one. So if you could simply say which version you bought below, or are planning on buying i think it would help me out!

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    PS3, yes we exist as well!
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    I've got it on PS3 as well. I don't think you could pay me enough to buy it for my PC.... I feel like my PC is for MMORPGS and Real-Time Strat.....

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    PC for me and my group. Runs great on my 2.4 Quad and 8800gtx at 1920x1600

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    Have it on the 360 such an amazing game.

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    The PC controls aren't all that well thought out.

    Combos require 2-3 buttons don't work as well on PC as they do on an Xbox.
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    PS3 here too. Just a shame the multiplayer is bugged on PS3 (Though THQ are working on that right now), and it's not cross-platform

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    Thq solved the problem a week ago, sony is holding up the patch, presumably because they cannot bear to release things on days that are not wednesday! (wednesday = psn update day)
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    I just got GOW3 on the xbox...
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