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    Those all look amazing!!
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    When's the next challenge going up and what will be the theme?

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    I think the the Seatbelt one was my Favorite!

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    seatbelts for the win! the flame effects are awesome.

    also liked the black templar land raider wreck. very cool use of light effects.

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    Really freaking cool entries. I love the Eldar wreck and the Landraider. The Eldar ship just looks juicy with that paint and all. Pretty cool, almost reminds me of some famous oil painting or something. The Landraider looks like rusting metal. True rust looks are hard to do.

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    wow, we need another one of these contests,

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    oh man, that land raider is pretty dope.

    Every time I look at it I'm all like - "somebody help that guy!"

    But nobody ever does. And then he gets eaten by scarabs.

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    I don't know which I like more. Holy crap. They're both so friggen' awesome..

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    Ohh Man! Seatbelts for the win. Purely amazing flame effects on that one.


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