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Thread: Necron Stats

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    Here's the sheet in question.

    You all can determine authenticity on your own.
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    another marine bites the dust...
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    Hmmmm looks believable


    Its obviously not a page scan, its too small
    Its not a photo, its too it just looks a little wrong

    As for feedback its going to be hard to say anything without knowing what all the new wargear is. But 12 points a model seems about right for what we know
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    Enough new interesting wargear and rules to get me intrigued. We'll see what it all looks like as a whole before I pass judgement on it.
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    Looks pretty legit to me. It's nice to see actual upgrade options for Necrons. I'm looking forward to seeing what the new weapons look like.

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    What makes it unbelievable for me is the fact that you can change out every weapon in the squad with three different kinds of weapons. On those two entries we see 8 different weapons that can be given to entire squads. If it is true I would like to see what these weapons are, since apparently upgrading twenty Necrons with them isnt overpowering.

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    I have seen these "stats" a few times early this year, their not that new. Are they genuine ? Who knows for sure but it could tie in with the other rumour that warriors will be getting various coloured rods for their gauss guns. Different colour = different stats etc maybe.

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    Default Looks good!

    If the picture/page is legit, it will make my religiously Cron-playing mate rather happy, particularly allowing smaller Warrior squads!

    Can't wait to see what the new Codex will look like!
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    Wouldn't the disruption field be "Non-Euclidean"? Or is it supposed to disrupt Euclidean things?


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