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    Shannon Purser for Squirrel Girl please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eldargal View Post
    Shannon Purser for Squirrel Girl please.
    I had to google who that was, but yes! certainly looks the part!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Mystery View Post
    Because of Leto's ego?

    And when we did hear about Harley, it was about how super serial (like, Leto super serial) they took getting her look right.

    'Nuff rispek to Margot Robbie for her efforts. Still don't much fancy seeing the film though.
    I enjoyed the movie, but I didn't expect something highbrow or anything, I expected a comic book movie... and that's what I got. It had funny moments, lots of action, some emotion to it, some crazy stuff that you might not accept outside of comics... It wasn't "perfect," but it was very entertaining.

    And Leto's Joker wasn't bad. It was an interesting enough take on it that I was hoping to get more of him in an upcoming Batman movie or something, but then Leto went a bit nuts with it all, so... guess not.

    In other super hero movie news... Doctor Strange is great. If you haven't seen it, go see it now. Just be careful if visual stuff can mess you up, because even outside of 3D that movie will screw with your vision. I have to give super props to the guys in charge of the effects and making the characters look natural as they're going all over the place. Also, Benedict Cumberbatch was perfect for the role. Great casting job there. Surprise star: the Cloak of Levitation.

    On the comics themselves...

    Civil War II is a mess. This is a second time in just a couple of years that they've ended up extending a series so you got to start seeing the aftermath before you see how it turns out. We haven't seen what happens to Tony Stark in CW2 yet, but we already know from Infamous Iron Man and Invincible Iron Man what happened to him. Both are interesting starts, though. My only complaint with Invincible IM is that there's a bit of cliche in Riri's back story, but since they've barely spent any time developing her, I guess that's not a surprise (just a shame). She works as a progression of that role in the universe, and, without doing spoilers, the way she takes on the role makes sense. I'm interested in reading more.

    Champions is already on its second issues, and it's another post-CW2 series, with many of the younger characters (Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales Spider-Man, Hulk, Viv [Vision's daughter], Nova, and young Cyclops). They're idealists trying to fight for the people and set a good example, helping with cleanup and not being any more violent than they have to. So I give it about eight months before there's a plot point where they're forced to make a moral decision about whether to break their ideals or not. Ms. Marvel slotted herself into the leadership role in that team quickly.

    And Captain America: Steve Rogers is an utter mess. The story is getting confusing and makes no sense and feels like too many deus ex machinas going on. I hope it'll get better, but... eh.
    Critical statements above are not intended to promote negativity or dislike, they are meant to add to a discussion where the positive points have likely already been stated.

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    So I haven't kept up to date with my graphic novels I'm caught up to Siege in Marvel and I have to grab Flashpoint in DC, just wondering what comes next?

    DC is easy enough it goes into the new 52, then the relaunch. Is the new 52 even worth grabbing, I do like some of the books Batman earth one is really neat, I'm digging the Wonder Woman too which is new for me! Green Arrow I didn't really like, did any of you find that the new 52 varied like this? Normally I can get behind anything they do but I find it hit and miss. How's the relaunch stuff?

    Marvel is a mess right now, lol. I don't really do the Ultimates (I have the original X-Men run) but where does this Marvel Now! line come in? is it a separate universe from the rest of it?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated, new staff at my local are impossible to deal with. I am a big X-Fan and am catching that one up pretty easy, its the rest that all seems so messed up, lol.

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    I'm wondering if Bucky or Falcon will take over Captain America in the movies too... hard to not see Chris Evans as cap tho.



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