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    I got the battlefoam one too, and I'm thinking of getting the bottom tray cut almost in half, and making a hole in the bottom of the top tray for the castle island tower so the whole thing fits the box a lot nicer.

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    That's a really good idea with the foam. The only other thing I was considering was doing some light magnetizing work with the ships to take them apart into smaller forms to store easier. That is a lot of work of course so the foam might be the less tedious route.

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    Am I the only one where the foams lift the top for about 3"?

    How are you going to cut the foam? Hotwire?

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    Are any of you guys playing the game? I bought it, ended up on the shelf.
    I want to paint it before I play, but been unable to get round to doing that... how are you finding the game?

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    I got the Battlefoam that fits into the case, and it sticks out about 3 inches. It's really not a big deal, the box still protects the contents, and it fits everything so perfectly.

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    Default Ship Storage Sugges

    What is the best way to store batteries?

    How long would you estimate they will hold a charge? Currently I pack them in an ammo box with some silica packets to keep them dry. The ammo box stays in a cold storage room so it remains fairly cool.

    Any other suggestions?
    ! =)


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