Two Crusades, Two Platforms, Two Campaigns, One Clan.
Two Crusades:
The Graia Crusade is our loyalist group of players who fight to eradicate the traitor marines from Forge World Graia. The Crusade is led by the Black Templars but many Chapters have sent troops to fight alongside.
The Vile Crusade are our contrasting traitor group. They are led by the Word Bearers but countless Warbands have formed under their banner to consume Graia for Chaos.
Two Platforms:
We operate on both Xbox and PS3 platforms using Space Marine Multiplayer games.
On the Xbox we have the Graia Crusade and the Vile Crusade.
On PS3 we have the Graia Crusade: 7th Company and the Vile Crusade: Sons of the Fallen.
Two Campaigns:
We have a campaign game similar to Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, each battle is fought using Space Marine Multiplayer games. The battles are fought between our squads which you can join on the forum.
The Xbox and PS3 platforms have separate campaigns which begin very soon!
We have a simple yet immersive system to help our members get more out of the forum and campaign. There is a forum currency which you receive for posting, among other things. With your currency you can buy weapons and perks from the Shop and only those items you have bought can be used in campaign matches.
One Clan:
Although each individual may favour Loyal or Traitor, we are one clan. We have one 'War Council' Moderator team which is made up of members representing groups that the forum houses. We have a very warm, welcoming community who are interested in Warhammer 40k lore, the hobby and much more. The only thing we ask of our members is that they post on the forum a lot and we have had no problems with everyones enthusiasm!