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    Default Eavy Metal Brush set and Master Class book

    Brush set is £31 and you get one large and one standard kolinsky sable brush, a brush tin with the eavy metal logo and two pots of eavy metal medium for use as thinners for glazes etc.

    The Master class book is 96 pages compilation of all the "best" masterclass articles from WD. NMM and OSL etc

    Brushes look nice but a tad expensive ?
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    Wherever I have looked for kolinsky sable brushes I have always found them not to be cheap.

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    I will most likely buy the brushes, I too have been looking at Kolinsky brushes, but the ones on eBay I am not sure about. I do have one of the insane detail from "the army painter" that uses rothmarder sable hair thats really quite good and not expensive but I read so much about Kolinsky brushes being really good. As I am always trying to push my painting a step further than the previous project maybe these will be a good step up.

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    Can someone explain to me why these brushes are better than the standard brushes GW sells (other than the 'eavy metal branding)?
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    Default I need this though? Who cares, it's Xmas soon, someone will get it for me!

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    I don't know the specifics of the why, Wildy, but I can tell you from my pesonal use that the Kolinsky sable takes paint much more easily than the present Citadel ones (I actually like the citadel ones a lot, too). This is more important on smaller detail work, as the Kolinskys (or Romeos, etc...) will hold their point much better and you wont get those little 'globes' of paint on the end of the brush.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildeybeast View Post
    Can someone explain to me why these brushes are better than the standard brushes GW sells (other than the 'eavy metal branding)?
    Kolinsky Sable takes first place in brush hair. It is the most desired hair in a water color brush, not used in oil or acrylic painting, but works marvelously for miniature painting. It is its ability to form a perfect point that makes it the most widely used brush hair by the most experienced miniature painters. While water color artists have to pay a dear price for the large Kolinsky Sable brushes they use, miniature painters are fortunate in that they only need little Kolinsky brushes which can cost as little as 5.00 online. Kolinsky Sable is very durable and has excellent paint holding ability. It holds a lot of paint and the paint does not come off until you want it to. (Compare that to a nylon brush which is too slippery and so the paint slides right off if you load it with paint.)

    Quoted from this article I found

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    Eesh. Kolinski sable brushes ain't cheap, but for $50, that box better be made of filagreed uranium.

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    Bear in mind those two brushes made by Windsor & Newton would cost you around $30 to begin with. A bottle of mixing medium from tamiya is about $8. So you're only looking at $12 premium here. I'm not saying the premium isn't a bit high, but it's no diff than any other Citadel, Sony, or Apple product type premium.

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    Wait, didn't GW claim there current line of brushes were Kolinsky sable.

    IIRC a 4oz bottle of Liquitex acrylic medium is only about $8.


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