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    Cool Regular Lord of Rings

    Alright just made a account and whatnot

    I play galladry Elves, however you spell it.

    My friend plays Dwarves

    My question is in the normal lord of the rings game are dwarves resistant to magic?

    or is that just for War of the ring?

    some random guy came up to us saying Dwarves are resistant and some other stuff like it

    the spell i am trying to cast, for example, is Natures wrath

    all it says is the opponent simply rolls a single 4+ roll to counter the spell so his forces wont get knocked down.

    but yea... comments?

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    No one is knows if Dwarves are resistant to magic? :l

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    Just war of the ring if i remember check the one rulebook, the big blue one and see if the rules say resistant to magic.

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    The dwarfs are not resistant to magic in the strategy battle game.

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    Ahh thanks for the help

    Dwarves are pretty easy i say to fight contrary to what many have said.

    Thanks you guys.



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