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    Default Tau Rumor Roundup

    collated by warseer's Tastyfish

    Warseer's Stick monkey, September 2010.
    New Heavy support platform. Basically immobile deep striked! heavy weapon and crew. Rail and Ion Cannon, and missile launcher are all obvious options here, but nothing solid with the rumor.

    Assault Skimmer. Something between size of piranha and hammerhead, fast skimmer open topped, assault on disembark.
    Update: Yes, its assault after a flat out move, and has the "drop troops along path" option similar to the storm raven. its supposedly a dedicated transport option for one new unit. (I dont place faith in this last bit, its very rare in current GW systems to see a vehicle kit limited to one unit/role...if GW is trying to sell them they will be available to more than one unit, or be a separate entry unto itself.)

    New Drop ship. Not the FW one, but something new. Holds a boatload of fire warriors, or a few battle suits.

    New battle suits. Not sure if these are the "next gen" suits or just heavy suits redone with out metal bits.

    Cypher on Heresy Online - April 2011

    All current metal sets to be plastic (Pathfinders, Krootox, Vespids). New plastics are completed for Crisis Suits, Stingwings and Pathfinders.

    Plastic Barracuda as well as a new unit choice, which will be a new alien race (insert your fantasy here).

    Battle Suits - plug and play system. Essentially streamlined. Pick two guns and a skill or two skills and a gun. New models with interchangeable arms similar to Killa Kans?

    Rule Changes

    HQ and Troops
    HQ choices are used to unlock units for troops, so a commander in a Crisis Suit unlocks Crisis Suits as troops, an Etheral unlocks Fire Warriors, Shaper unlocks Kroot.

    Crisis Suits
    Mostly same stats but now 3 wounds, come with every gun option and you can choose what weapon systems you fire every round. Max squad size x 5

    Can take Network Markerlights instead of the missiles on their arms

    Hammerhead Railgun
    Draws a line across the table hitting everything under it. Multiple penetration through vehicles, only stopped by a glancing hit.

    Shield Generator
    Only team leaders can take a shield generator. The shield generator functions exactly like the DE Shadowfield. 2+ invulnerable save until the first failed save at which point it ceases to work.

    No longer bought as Wargear. They are bought as a unit and then divided as you see fit at the start of the match. You can mix your drones when bought for the point cost needed. This caters for Drone Squadrons as an option.

    One markerlight can fire the seekers off one model. Seekers replenish and are no longer one use items. Skyrays will only be able to fire one seeker per round.

    BoLS - April 2011

    1. Kroot HQ is in the works!
    2. Kroot to get own transport (Devilfish will no longer be able to transport Kroot)
    3. Kroot will get light armor saves (6+)
    4. Kroot shaper will allow for the unit to have a special genetic trait.
    5. Firewarrior carbine to get a grenade launcher (either explosive or EMP)
    6. Vespids reworked and getting a Heavy unit
    7. Firewarrior BS increased to 4
    8.Crisis suits will get “hit and run” ability
    9. Various changes to Firewarrior equipment
    10. Various changes to Crisis suit equipment
    11. New Prototypes
    12. 4th edition prototypes now “standard” equipment for all suits
    13. All HQ’s can act as a commander
    14. New type of “Heavy” Battlesuit (new prototype of the Broadside)
    15. Stealth suits will be changed to a advanced scout unit similar to Pathfinders
    16. Pathfinders will be changed to act as a type of Tau Commando infantry

    +++++++++++++++++++++++++START HIGHLY SUSPECT GHOST21 RUMORS++++++++++++++++++++++++

    Now on to Ghost's more recent rumours
    ...which primarily cover new non-Tau models. Because there's so many, I've split them up and tried to connect the dots between the hints and match them against each other - my thoughts and interpretations are in italics

    Quote General Codex rumours
    Not the next book, but probably after Black Templars

    Author may be Phil Kelly

    Army has 4 basic HQs and 3 basic troop choices excluding changes made by any Special Characters if there are any

    Return of 4 old SC, plus 2-4 new ones

    No Court of the Archon/henchmen type mixed units

    New Tau models
    New SC "Iceheart"

    Crisis suits have been completely redesigned (not just recut sprues and ankle tweaks), less boxy and including a 'morphic weapon'

    New sniper suit

    Shas'O get a stealth armour option, may be an experimental suit like Shadowsuns, or the experimental suit might be a third option

    Allies and Auxiliaries

    Vespids get two slots (unknown if this is an additional two, or two overall). Kroot get an additional unit

    No Knarloc riders,though perhaps something big (new WFB monster-szied) for the Kroot

    Maybe minor psychic powers for Shapers or Shaper like character this is something Ghost has heard from other people and not stated directly

    Demiurg have 1 HQ, 1 troop and maybe 1 else. Presumably the Elite choice mentioned elsewhere

    Demiurg ancients are a thing Probably HQ, but could also be the elite unit

    Possible Demiurg elite choice

    Demiurg are "equal to banshees without the scream" so presumably anti-armour close combat, or at least have that as an option. This might also be elite unit rather than the troop one, or be a unit that does both - like a kit that would let you make Boyz and Ard Boyz (or Dwarfs and Longbeards). An elite unit, but being an upgrade to a troop slot to keep out the way of the battlesuits

    Demiurg and one other new race join the army, the latter being something bizarre or at least something we've not seen before.

    No Gue'vesa unit or models

    No Nicassar

    4 box sets, and 4 blisters in wave 1

    Demiurg plastic box
    Battlesuit plastic box
    Vespid plastic box(?)
    Assault transport(?)

    Demiurg ancient blister
    New Tau SC blister

    Ghost21 also added the following:
    -The codex is currently in proofreading (so rules development is done)
    -Tau is slated to be the last codex of 5th Edition

    UPDATES: 11/24/2011
    Demiurg are apparently a lot less Dwarfish than the initial concepts, instead being more like little stone golems (Ozruk from WoW was mentioned)
    As a tongue in cheek nod to the fate of the squats, there is a named Demiurg (who may or may not make it as a SC) who survived fighting Tyranids and personally killed a large monster by drilling his way out after being "Swallowed up by the 'Nids"
    This Demiurg is aware that the Ethereals have some kind of power over the Tau (maybe other races too) but not the Demiurg, who have presumably signed up for political reasons and of their own free will

    Stealth suit mechanics may change
    Kroot fieldcraft rule - presumably switched to Stealth and Infiltrate USR

    4 new 'Tau' units*: Note these will not all probably be in the first release - there's 2-3 plastic kits here and we already know 3 for the 4 that are coming out.
    Dropship (carries upto 15 models or 2 battlesuits and 10 models, or 5 battlesuits)

    The Ubersuit is a Battletech/Mechwarrior sort of thing (probably Dreadknight sized), with a special 'ridiculous' ability that lets it rain down shooting if it stands still.
    Looks a bit like one of the Battletech Mechs that is named after an ancient weapon

    UPDATED 12/9/2011

    Jared Van Kell says:

    The Tau codex belongs to Cruddace, lets get that fact straight. That is all I am going to say on that issue.

    Black Templars on the other hand was always going to be Phil Kelly's pet project. The only way Ward or Cruddace would ever get the Black Templars codex off him would be to prise the rough drafts out from his cold...dead...hands.

    Unless of course they offered him the Dwarf Army Book...............(whistles innocently).

    Some of these rumours [WF- In regards to rumor sumary posted up on BOLS - most of which were taken from Warseer] are spot on others not so spot on. 4 generic HQs are the Tau Commander, Tau Ethereal, Kroot Master Shaper and Demiurg Ancient. Blisters are, as far as I am aware, a new Tau Ethereal, Demiurg Ancient and 2 special character blisters.

    I've also heard that the Skyray will be getting a better choice of missiles in addition to the Seeker missile which is believed to be S6 AP4 Blast, however you have to choose the missile type at the beginning of the game so you cannot mix and match. Despite the payload ts main role will still be target marking.

    The Demiurg Special character is apparently the one called Iceheart.

    The Battletech Mech in question is the Warhammer IIC mech (no joke about the name.) one of the unseen mechs in the battletech universe. The suit itself is quite big, not quite dreadknight sized but it can "brace".....yes Matt Ward does play Spacemarine. The trouble is that it will be competing against Broadsides, Skyrays and Hammerheads, all of which have improved, a lot.

    Regarding the "HQ unlocks troops" rumour - Well from what I can understand from the mechanic is this. A particular troop type is associated with a particular HQ but in doing so confers a special ability on those troop types.

    -Tau Ethereal - Unlocks Tau Firewarrior teams.
    -Tau Fire Commander - Unlocks Tau XV8 Crisis Battlesuit teams.
    -Kroot Shaper - Unlocks Kroot Carnivore squads.
    -Demiurg Ancient - Unlocks Demiurg Warrior squads.

    I can understand the thought process behind the mechanic from what I know of the basic fluff regarding the Tau.

    However I would have thought that Firewarriors would have always remained as basic troops and an Ethereal would have unlocked Honour Guard but it seems from the snippets of info I've been able to peice together that an Ethereal confers Preferred Enemy (Everything) and BS4 on those Firewarrior squads he leads making Honour Guard redundant.

    All that I can say is known about the Demiurg is that they are the Tau's main anti-MEQ unit. How effective they are I cannot say.

    Actually you might be surprised. My sources and the several other rumour mongers have started indicating that Templars might actually be next followed by Tau, this is normally a sign for me that what I am hearing is correct but with recent developments such things are by no means certain.

    I have however recently discovered that the Tau are in the proofreading stage of development which means that the codex is written but it has not yet quite gone to the printers. Now this means that all GW have to do is give the nod and the codex can be printed in numbers pretty quickly. All they then have to do is ramp up the advertisement, distribution and product support and we have them ready to go for our very much enjoyment.

    +++++++++++++++++++++++++END HIGHLY SUSPECT GHOST21 RUMORS++++++++++++++++++++++++

    UPDATED 12/29/2011

    -Demiurg Units ~ note plural

    -New Vespid unit and a new weapon for the wasp-men.

    -New FireWarrior heavy weapons - expect new anti-tank / anti- infantry heavy weapon choices on a 1 special per X ratio (probably 1 per 5 or 10 fire Warriors)

    -Plastic Barricuda (or other renamed fighter)

    -Possible Human allies (Rogue IG militia that joined the Tau Empire) ~said to be the iffy-est of these rumors.

    -New Kroot HQ choice (with the ability to "unlock a Kroot themed army) ~sounds like an homage to the old Kroot Mercs list.

    -Kroot Carnivores upgraded to either a 5+ or a 6+ save by default.
    UPDATED 1-2-2012

    -Battlesuit Commander: shifts ONE battlesuit unit to a Troops FOC slot.

    -New Close Combat Battlesuit

    -New Ethereal named character

    -Ethereals will get upgraded to be the "leader" role in the Tau Empire army. (so not the best BS, or WS, but other interesting army-support tricks)

    -New deepstriking Dropship (an Orca-ish platform on par with the IG valkyrie)

    -Up-gunned Drone variants (specific anti-tank and anti-heavy infantry options) which can be attached to almost every TAU unit in the codex
    UPDATE 4-17-2012

    Multiple sources saying they are hearing of a "surprise Tau update in June, the last hoorah of 5th.
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    April 2011? These rumors are old.

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    Yeah, but theres also new rumors after the old stuff

    Hence why its a "rumour roundup". Everything in one place
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    Sounds good...

    So now only remains one codex for 5th Edition unnamed... And we know will be marine-one.

    Dark Angels or Black Templars??

    Make your bids now
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    Lets see if its bt then both my armies updated one after another. My wallet will hate this
    For the Greater good.

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    Well if rumours are true, Tau, Eldar and 6th ed in one year? My wallets already hurting...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarneusCalgar View Post
    Sounds good...

    So now only remains one codex for 5th Edition unnamed... And we know will be marine-one.

    Dark Angels or Black Templars??

    Make your bids now
    How about Space Marine Crusaders: mix both together into one codex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarneusCalgar View Post
    Sounds good...

    So now only remains one codex for 5th Edition unnamed... And we know will be marine-one.

    Dark Angels or Black Templars??

    Make your bids now
    Both Harry and Ghost have said that Black Templars will be the next 40K army to be released, and suggested Tau coming after that. That would finish off the last of the Armoury Codecies right before the rumored release of 6th this coming summer.

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    As much as this thrills me BT are next, why no rumours of new units. really hope they dnt just get nohing new, pls new stuff, tho I want tau to get most new stuff since i dnt wanna spend too much money.
    For the Greater good.

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    So, here is a theory. The rumours are of a SM army before Tau, so assuming it's not CSM, then that leaves either BT or DA. Now why would we have some many rumours about the Tau who are coming after, but none for the army coming first. I find it very odd that GW would let so many Tau ones out, but no BT/DA ones, when they are coming first. So could it be that DA/BT are getting the Sisters WD treatment with no new units, just a 'codex' update.
    This would make sense if we believe the 6th ed rumour that no armies after IG in this cycle are getting updated in 6th, as that would leave them with SM, Chaos Demons/Marines, Eldar and Orks which isn't many. But if we throw in SoB and DA/BT for a 'proper' update, that gives them a more healthy number of codexes to do over the life cycle of 6th.
    Just idle specualtion on my part, but it would explain that lack of rumours for the next army.
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