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    Default 1750 Marines for World Wide War

    Heya, chummy here.

    Well, I just learned that our FLGS is participating in 40k Radio's world wide war a week from tomorrow. Unfortunately, everything must be painted so I'm going to have to scramble to even get this done.

    Bear in mind that I have to do some last minute converting and painting and the dumbtarded comp system in use

    MotF-conversion beamer

    2x Dread-multi-melta, heavy flamer, extra armor
    10 Sternguard, 4 combi-meltas, 2 combi-flamers, Rhino

    2x Tac-10, multi-melta, flamer, combi-melta, Rhino
    10 scouts, snipers, camo cloaks, missile launcher

    Heavy Support
    Dreadnought-TLLC, ML


    So, the Scouts and MotF set up in some fortified cover in my deployment zone, maybe splitting up if necessary. Yay for 2+ cover and snipers, missiles, and S10 blasts! The Tacticals, Sternies, MM Dreads and vindicator all advance while the Pred and shooty Dread provide long range fire. I don't expect them to do much beyond nuke some light AV, but any shots directed at them don't to go my meltas. Unload, short-ranged death, winzorz hopefully.

    My main concern is a lack of HtH punch, but hopefully the Dreads can tie up units like Nob Bikers and TH/SS Termies long enough for me to position to destroy them. I don't have any real beater units ready at the moment.


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    Glad you get to play in the tourney this weekend! I've packed in some games recently and have tweaked my marine list quite a lot. Thanks for the input - my Biker HQ squad is rock solid now!

    This looks like a fun list. The snipers are great unless someone drops a template on them that ignores cover! Heavy Flamers and a Whirlwind are in my list for just such an occasion.

    The dreads and tanks should provide your opponent with a lot of targets and maybe spread out incoming fire. Nob Bikers may prove to be a pain for you to kill but you can probably avoid/delay them while you work over the rest of the boyz. My TH/SS Termies failed a lousy tank shock test last week and lost 3 turns running as my opponent kept something within 6" of them. At least until I killed everything within 6" of them that is! Just something to keep in mind. I hate tank shock - at least when it is used on me that is!

    Have a great weekend. I'm getting my display board ready and finishing the last couple of models for the Columbus OH site.

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    Thanks for that. I hope I can keep the Nob Bikers occupied and drop some S10 pies on their heads. Termies are tricky, but if I can pop the Land Raider they should be sorted.

    Still a lot to paint, not sure if I'll be able to field it. It's iffy for me at this point, but I hope you have a good time.

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    You too! I'm still tweaking my Howling Griffons. I expect to get spanked on the table so I'm shooting for best painted and a day of fun!



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