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    Default So...Does goatboy troll bols readers?

    No really:

    Respectfully I'm asking the question,
    Does he?
    If so; Is it intentional?
    OR do people just 'love to hate' him?

    I've been reading this site for quite some time, and I know that BOLS needs/wants to generate ever increasing traffic or at least maintain good levels...

    And no doubt goaty generates alot of traffic...

    Personally I feel, most of his articles are pretty much the same thing, over and over, but they do tend to have a very... aggressive or confrontational tone to them (?) (LOOK!) but its the internet, and text only...easily misinterpreted...

    And of course there's the comic...that's the main one that makes me want to ask the trolling question (especially last weeks)

    By all appearances goaty really love his 40k stuff and really doesn't like anything else (and that's cool its his preference)

    BUT and its a huge one: I couldn't give a flying flip about more 'tactical' or 'how to play' or 'why you should all play GK' articles... 'cause I'm more interested in the hobby articles or what's out there (IE Gentleben & tabletopfix stuffs mostly)...and I'm pretty sure those guys aren't trolling the readership!

    So I am I reading too much into goaties stuff? Or is he being inflammatory on purpose?
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    I admit that I don't know Goatboy personally - so take my opinion with about 10 pounds of salt - but from what I've observed about his behavior and the similar behavior of other people I've known (including my emotionally intense daughter and myself), the answer to all your questions is: YES.

    Goatboy has a dynamic, colorful, exuberant personality, and he likes to expresses his opinions energetically. He can come off as confrontational and occasionally a bit of an a-hole, but I think it's just because he gets so damn excited about his love of the hobby that he can't help himself. I think he likes to get a rise out of people because doing so gets a rise out of himself, relieving the boredom someone with such an intense personality often feels in everyday life. He seems to enjoy the back and forth, not bitterly or angrily, but with a tremendous level of excitement and energy that most people don't reach on a regular basis.

    Whether you love Goatboy or hate him, I think the one thing we can all agree on is that he is, if nothing else, very entertaining.

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    I just thought he was a crappy writer with some solid artistic ability that takes his minis to the local middle school for painting.

    I hope the comic is a running joke; if he, in fact, believes it to be actually good, then I'm more concerned.

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    In fairness, the comic is improving. Whatever happened to the other comics by curis and TSOALR? Is there an archive where tehy could be viewed?
    More Necromunda please.

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    Goatboy is a blast to be around! He is a great guy to talk to both hobby and other stuff.

    Goatboy for President!
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    You want great 40k comics than have a look at
    Not associated with it, just loving it

    Sorry Goatboy but I can't say the same of Plastic Dudesmen
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    His critics seem far more confrontational, inflammatory, and trollish than he does.

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    I don't think he trolls anyone, but his writing style needs polish and some of his articles are very short on content. I think it's more likely he's bought into his own image as an "internet celebrity", for lack of better term, and it comes across in his writing.

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    Trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls trolling goatmarinethings trolling trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls...
    Check it:

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    Does he troll? Yes.
    Does he set out to troll? No.

    It's just that when your listbuilding guides can always be summed up as:

    Take 3 each of X, Y, and Z and a fun commander....

    People who don't got better things to do (I've been guilty of this) get inter-net-irate.


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