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    Default Space Marine Air Attack

    I'm due to have a game Space Marines against Siege Guard.

    He will undoubtedly have anti-air in the form of Hydras in his formations, a strong line of Fortifications and both objectives in his deployment zone (As per our campaign senario).

    I will have two thunderhawks one carrying full load of assualt marines and characters, one carrying devestators. A Space marine landing craft full of tactical marines and razor backs.

    I have a vague familurality with these rules and an idea of some tactics but advice would be appreciated.

    I'm thinking Devestators into an building with a good field of fire of the fortified line to chip away at them concentrating on the flank that is not subject to my main attack.

    Landing craft and Tacticals landing behind the fortified line and attacking one flank with the Thunderhawk and assualt troops attacking the same flank then both combined forces rolling up the siege guard line.

    I know Thunderhawk and Landing Craft can make attack runs but I don't want them shredded by anti air fire. Is it worth leaving them to provide fire support form the ground can they even fire from the ground.

    Should I prioritise my main assualt on tanks or infantry.....I'm thinking a tank unit is the greater threat.



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    This may be a bit late for advice, but siege guard can not stand up to SM if you go heavy on terminators and teleport in.

    if you insist on using the Thawks, orbital land them. That gets around the AA. Use your strike cruiser for your first activation. Land your Tahwks and landing craft as close to his line as possible. Retain the initiative and charge everything in.

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    Battle report.

    He deploys in a line with:

    Infantry Company, 6 Ragnarok Tanks on objective, rapiers, 6 scout tanks on hill, 3 AA guns on hill, large artillery company, thudd guns, infantry company in bunkers on objective. He also has two thunderbolts.

    My landing craft comes down on the hill glides through his AA and dumps 6 tactical marine stands, 6 razorbacks, 2 dreds on the hill they then cause heavy casualties on the AA guns, Rapiers, and scout tanks and routing them.

    I retain the inititive and land a thunderhawk on the left objective 8 stands of assualt marines with a chaplian and commander. they wipe out the Ragnarok tanks and finish of the rapiers.

    The Artillery company opens fire on the landing craft forces with three blast templates cause some casualties and dropping some blast markers.

    The Last thunderhawk brings devestators in and they enter a building looking over the left objective fire on the left hand infantry company and break then.

    TURN 2 I make a huge mistake even retaining the initive I land the landing craft and thunderhawk to withdraw the landing craft company and assualt company. The Assualt company is hammered and broken by the artillery fire.

    The Game breaks down into many little skirmishes. The Artillery company dominates the middle of the board. The Devestator units in the building hold the line until assaulted by the left over elements of the infantry company. Assualts by the remains of the Landing Craft units on the artillery company cause casualties but fail to break the threat.

    Eventually the devestator unit and remenants of the landing craft company hold the left objective and stop the advance of the artillery company eventually breaking it with significant air support from the thunderhawks and landing craft.

    The Thunderbolts had carried out several ground attacks but are intercepted in the last turns of the game by a lone thunderhawk and both blown out of the sky.

    A very fun game however i left my troops out in the open and exposed to artillery and that turned what was a powerful initial assualt which looked like it was higly likely to be a total victory into a holding action.

    A one all draw!

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    I love Epic reports. It still is my favorite game system. Siege Guard is a strong list. However, if you didn't make that mistake, I think you could have had him.

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    What a great little battle report. Bravo, sir.

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