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    Default Black Crusade to 40k coversion rules

    So in the Black Crusade game I'm currently running I decided that it would be useful to have 40k stats for all the characters. I'm most likely going to use this for large scale battles, and if they manage to get to the 130-140 infamy to launch a Black Crusade.

    The rules are a first draft at the moment, and I'm looking for feedback. I'm still working on what to do with intelligence, and I'm open for suggestions.
    I'm also after psychic power conversions. After going through all the talents and traits, I've almost burnt myself out, and I still have mutations to go as well.

    Rules can be found here:

    All constructive criticism/feedback/suggestions are welcome and encouraged

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    i actually really like this idea!! the stat ideas seem to work from my brief skim of the talents/traits and psychic powers that seems fine.

    an old copy of the lost and the damned codex would be great for units that can be taken as well.



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