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    Quote Originally Posted by Rev. Tiberius Jackhammer View Post
    I recall a book cover with an open-faced helmet on a Thousand Son - had a magicglowyflamey skull.
    You sure that wasn't Legion of the Damned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katharon View Post
    You sure that wasn't Legion of the Damned?
    Found it on the wiki;

    But the glowy left spellcasting hand miiiiiiight mean it's merely a sorcerer with a mutant glowy face and a bolter.

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    According to the fluff, the sorcerers (i.e. not the rubric marines) have normal, corporeal bodies. In Battle for the Fang, which takes place after Ahriman's Rubric and subsequent exile, the sorcerers are depicted as normal Astartes, though still prone to the occasional mutation.

    Edit: As I was. Just double checked that, and the Rubric happens after the Battle of the Fang.
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    The last book in the Dawn of War omnibus seems to use rubrics when Ahriman and friends find a lost Blood ravens librarian on an exodite world. The description of Ahriman's cohort fits that pic above almost exactly.
    Then again, it is also CS Goto, and he has renamed the same Blood Ravens battle cruiser two or three times now in the same c


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